Mentors and Mentee's thread 2014



  • Bored Mr Smiff??  image

  • Hehe, someone told me KK had been banned and all her threads vapourised so I though I would come and check. Trouble is once on here you get confronted with so many dumb/humourless people that you feel duty bound to lighten the mood image

    And you know my comment about the pirate females didn't apply to you babe xx

  • I may be an idiot but I'm not stupid image

  • FYI I'm not a bloke unless you think I'm a cartoon?image

  • Runninmg postie.........You have to remember that Mr Smith is getting very old now and senile so i wouldn't be offended by him...image

  • That is my photo!

  • Meldy's a babe image

  • Has ur name now been simplified to suckup? 

  • He's even more of a creep than that as he prequalified me reading the post with the comment of "I don't think of you as a pirate"

  • He thinks of you as a godessimage

  • Seren I am younger than you image

  • Why has KK been banned? I wondered where her thread had gone, if this is true who gets to decide who's banned, and what happened to taking the more "controversial" posts with a large bit of tounge in cheek I used to enjoy MMs vitriolic outburstsimageimage

  • Do we care?


    Smiffy, good recovery 

  • Melds just wondered what is so bad that you get the shove?

  • Max..........Cakes post all disappeared a while back....could be similar error thing or maybe something done is private or on another site.........

    but as its nothing to do with the mentors thread lets move on...

    Smiffy you are ancient compared to my young self.........and no one on here is going to believe a word you say

  • i wouldnt say that Seren is old but at the aid station they shout out "water, high5, zimmer?" 


    only joking seren, dont want you tripping me up as i lap you at ATimage


  • I'm happy to mentor anyone with their swimming but it would have to be someone who was already proficient on the bike and run as I'm no good at them and can't really offer advice.  Or I could be a secondary mentor for someone who feels that they need two people to help with their swimming.

    Qualifications:  Five years ago I was scared shitless of the sea and now I can swim forever.  Willing to travel to accompany a beginner on their first ow swim, or they can join me in the Nene around Peterborough way.


  • Smiffy is young and youthful and very believable, when you have lived with him and got to know him like I have you would realise what a wonderful, compassionate and caring human being he is. 

    No wonder my nickname for him at home is 'God'

  • Why do I think Cas doesn't know she has posted this yet .,,.

  • Not offering full mentorship as I'm clearly not qualified enough! However, as a very recent Outlaw 2013.I'm more than happy to give advice/my views on doing your first IM.

    Not sure if SA is taking/taken anyone on yet but he comes highly recommended! image

  • I think I saw you say in another thread that you are North West based BP?  If so, I wouldn't mind hooking up for some bike rides at some point, to get a practical gauge on training pace etc.

  • Yes I'm in Cheshire Pudge. Happy to hook up for a ride some time...

  • Pudge / BP as i am local (ish) i wouldnt mind a few longer rides early next year to gauge how things are going before my first IM

    Also if you fancy hitting some welsh hills let me know - i am about 8 miles from the horseshoe pass in llangollen (although i tend to avoid it)

  • I ran the Horseshoe Pass about 4 years ago in about half a foot of snow it was an awesome runimage

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