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  • the horseshoe is good fun - especially coming down it on a bike image

  • Just giving this a bump up

    With apologies to those I have not been able to help ... for the newbies around, this was predominantly an IM mentor/mentee arangement which pretty much started all those years ago when the first intrepid pirates returned and the rest of us fools jumped on the bandwagon

    There absolutely will be the fast whippets out there who can impart their wisdom for sprints & Olys and the like but do a bit of stalking and get to know people and get that connection first  image

    Any lurkers that are wondering what on earth this is all about and who we are ... should go some way to explaining that one  !

  • gazhilla wrote (see)

    I would be very gracious of a Mentor to kick my ass,

    IMUK2014 is my target, started some training last 4 weeks with a background in distance cycling ( so need to increase speed there ) .


    Lancaster based and willing to give you some awesome images in return 

    ( professional portrait and fashion photographer ) . 

    Gaz, I would be quite happy to mentor you if you want as long as you don't want me to pose for a calendar.

    I've been a mentor this year for the first time, 1 successful Outlaw in under 13hrs and my next one will be finishing IMUK next week ( or else ).

    I'm based in Lancaster, and somehow have managed to finish 5 ironman races. I'm not really scientific but I can motivate people.

    So if anyone is interested just PM me.

  • Just floating an idea, (feel free to shoot!)

    The RW spring marathon mentoring threads (organised brilliantly by Meldy and others) were born out of the success the pirate mentoring match ups.

    One thing i've noticed is that the IM mentoring process seams to be a much more private affair than the marathon mentoring, which is perfectly understandable and appropriate in many cases. 

    However, by keeping this process private we lose much of what makes the maraton threads great. By having individual threads where all forum members can see encourages people with similar goals to club together, questions and answers are then debated and answered thoroughly and individual communities pop up. Some of the marathon match ups are still running 3 years later (Minni / DD)

    It would obviously be optional, but would any mentor/mentee match ups be willing to go through the process openly? has this been tried before and not worked?

  • might be a good idea to have one newbie.....with a slow base to work off

    one who had done a ironman and was now trying to improve for their next one.....

    and a third for someone who had done a few and was at aplateau and wants to get further#

    we could have 3 threads going where people could follow and chip in as appropriate......

    I think meldy could sort it outimage

  • That was going to be my suggestion if people liked the idea image 

    The marathon threads work well off having a main mentor/mentee as a focus for others to attach themselves to.

  • I think thats a great idea image

  • maybe wait until after this years events finish in september .........and then maybe any mentor/ mentee partnerships willing to share could contact Meldy with a brief outline of the partnership.............

    and then she can use her magic powers to select three that would be different in some way

  • What happens to the ones she doesn't select.......... image

  • Aye, there's no need to rush anything, just planting the seeds early enough


  • Raf.they can still play with each other but in private instead of in publicimage

  • and maybe have one catergory for someone who is still without a that they can make a bid


  • Sounds an excellant idea, not that I'm offering but it would be a great read.

  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    I'd mentor the badger.  He only needs to be told one thing.

    Don't go off so fast.

    Thank you, that will be £25 please.

  • LOL, thanks for that Mouse. It only cost me a cup of tea previously.


  • M..o.useM..o.use ✭✭✭

    Not with me it didn't.  I don't like tea.  You're confusing me with Hope.

  • image You don't like tea?

  • It was the same advise though.

  • Yours is alot more expensive image


  • I don't like tea either Cake.............tea slows you down don't you know image

  • How can anyone survive without tea??? image

    I swear, if I could get a teapot into transition I would! 

  • Mouse, what do I get for £50?

  • Tea AND a biscuit?? blinks

  • Bouncing Barlist wrote (see)

    Mouse, what do I get for £50?

    A clip round the ear from me, if you're implying anything inappropriate and/or sexual image

  • Well the last few years we had the Ironman training thread where everybody could post what they were up to and newbs could ask for advice it seemed to work well, covered all training and any race I didn't start it this year as the Fink for Outlaw thread started and two would have been too much, but an open General IM training thread where we bounce training ideas and help out 1st timers might be a good idea

  • KK - apologies no slight intended with the term "others" merely couldn't remember who else was involved

  • If mentor/mentee pairs want to put themselves forward for a format similar to the Super 6, then surely they should be able to 

    If someone wants to start an IM training thread, they are perfectly within their rights to do so

    Isn't it up to the reader to decide which thread they look at and maybe post on

  • I don't really see why it couldn't work to be honest.

    It would interesting to see the journey. I especially like the idea of a mix of newbies and wanna be improvers.

    With IM training there are so many ways to skin a cat and it would be good to hear how others tackle it. 

    There's a lot more to it than simply following a training programme. I think it would be useful.


  • I agree, I would definatly like to hear what advise is given to improvers, maybe there could be a mix of those, ie first time DNF 2nd attempt, targeted improvement under XX hours etc, aswell as the advise to first timers.

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