Mentors and Mentee's thread 2014



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    Still here Melds image

  • I'm not sure Jaffa knows why Kate, he just knows that it is.

  • i think i need more than one to be honest!

  • Dude Will with sort you out if you get any questions and you want to be greedy and get more than one more answer just stick it on a thread or ask folks on farsebook. We've all in this together and all that.

  • Fair enough Dave, I shan't ask why, just be brave instead.

  • CD,  Don't spoil the illusion that I might know something,  I have negotiated cake & red wine as payment for services renderedimage

  • There should be a penalty clause too. If Kate doesn't hit her goals you get a wax image

  • Or if Kate beats his time he gets a wax ... Win win image




    no gladys you are not off the hook either

  • Moi?! image

    What this time?! image

    Ohhhh, you mean the shaving thing?! imageimage


    (given that KateF ahs done an IM, presumably she's already beaten Jaffa's best time?!)

  • Hope I'm not too late to the party ? 

    Anyone free to mentor me through to the a Big one in Bolton next July .

    i live in Wiltshire so if anyone nearby feel free to pop in and check on me and give me a kick or boost as required. Or just heckle from a far.

    Must be willing to answer many many rookie questions. Not necessary, but a female perspective may be good.




  • ...........why would I want a wax?  It may weigh me down a bit but it keeps me warm for the vast amount of time that I'm in T2image

    And yes Gladys of course she's beaten my IM pb.........she got pretty close to beating your Half IM time in the process too image


  • Red Stripe, give us some idea of capability at the moment? Bit of a sporting cvimage

  • Stepping up to volunteer a service that could loosely be described as mentoring. Happy to exchange emails and give pointers from my own experience, and also help someone who doesn't have all their goals pinned down yet or a season planned.


    A bit about me:

    I don't have the most encyclopaedic knowledge of races as I've not been doing this long myself, but I appear to have garnered a bit of a reputation for doing it by the numbers and leaning heavily on the scientific, so I'd be best suited to someone of a similar mindset. Debut IM was my first tri, was within 9 months so I meet the KK standard, and was done on a student budget in 12:26. I now juggle IM training (PB 10:59) with a reasonably demanding professional job involving sporadic long hours and international travel - so I can sympathise with either those looking to do IM on a shoestring or those with a difficult schedule (or both).

    I also haven't mentored before, so whilst I promise not to be deliberately shit, I can't guarantee performanceimage

  • "reasonably demanding professional job involving sporadic long hours and international travel "

    I knew it your James Bond aren't you.

  • ...yeah and Meldy is Blofeld. image

  • Cake and red wine describes my week Jaffa, need help on shedding the extra stone I think I've packed on in the last 5 days.

  • DANIEL !!!!

  • You've got a cat?!

  • Thanks for posts and messages, I think I have a mentor image

    I love this pirate support scheme 


  • If my mentor is reading this could they please get in touch - i've tried sending an email since Saturday as requested and it keeps bouncing back undelivered.

  • I have it on good authority that your mentor has sent you an FB message.

    Anyone else trying to contact me via RW messages, my RW messaging is knackered, cant open them without getting an error.  I have sent messages to anyone ive been trying to help together with my email, im hoping my email is not now broken to.

    Where's my IT geek when I need her?

  • Probably planning how to break your other fingers ...

  • A fair point tho seeing as the messaging service seems to be up the swannie, I do have one message in my inbox but I cant get passed the first page without an error message, the messages are out of date order and the notification is not working so I dont know who sent it either    image

  • Possibly Yums Meldy in relation to Stratty!

  • Yeah I found that one Podds but there is still another (1) lurking up there so it must be someone else .. !!

  • any mentors out there fancy helping me out. I have got a very busy year planned for 2014 and would love to have someone who can offer a little help and advice occasionally. 

    I am already entered in Outlaw half and full and have a number of other races I am about to enter. I am sure most people will think I am mad for the number of races I am considering but it's not supposed to be easy as it's a challenge and will be raising money for some very worthwhile causes. 

    If anyone thinks they can help please email me. My email is tattooedwelshman @ yahoo . Co . Uk but obviously without the spaces

    Many thanks


  • John,


    I'd say a bit about yourself mate so you can find a mentor with the same madness we are all different and you want a mentor who can support you and not someone who would have a conpleately different outlook on life, races and if you should put cream or Jam on a scone first.

  • Meldy.....

    if you need to look at your new messages then Literarin found this old link that lets you access them all

  • Tattoedwelshman, I've sent you an email, from a tattooed Englishman living in Wales

  • Yep Seren ... got that the other day ta

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