Hello - new forumite

Hello all,

I've been reading the forum for a couple of weeks, and have posted a few times, but it's taken me until this evening to work out that this is the place to introduce myself...

I've been running for about 18 months. I started with 3 others from work last year and we did the Carlisle half last September, but recently it's just been me getting out so I've joined a club for a bit of company.

The best bits of the last 18 months have been (i) the first time I managed to run a whole 5 miles (that was actually the biggest thrill :-) and (ii) completing the Belfast marathon. The worst bit was a dreadful friction massage a couple of months ago for achilles tendonitis. Aagghh!

Anyway, I've come to look forward to checking in here when I get back from work - it's great to have access to all your running experience and enthusiasm over the net in the evenings. Hope to say hello to some of you at a race some day :-)


  • Welcome young piglet. Hope you enjoy the forum!!!!!
    Careful, there are some fierce bears and stuff tho'!!!!
  • Growl! Welcome buddy!
  • There's one now- but he's quite nice really.
    Nothing to be frightened of.
  • Welcome young piglet We seem to have a whole farmyard now. Watch out for Foxy and Badger though, they're a touch mad
  • Hi there Piglet, and the occasional pussy cat
  • Check out the events forum - BK has suggested a few races for early next year where we can meet up, and also a few pre-Christmas ones too.
  • Hi Piglet and welcome - I promise the 'wolf pack' won't eat you!
  • Welcome
    I was going to warn you that this forums full of nutters - but they beat me to it.
  • wee piglet......beware
    this forum is very addictive.........it is
    best wishes and welcome
    chris36 and michelle34
  • Is there forumites anonymus.......
  • Hello again, and many thanks to all for the warm welcome :)

    Barkles - I'd noticed there were some bears and other scary creatures around... I'm hoping I'll be safe if I just hide down here for a while :)

    Thanks also for the tip on the events forum: I'll nip over there and see if any of the events people are thinking of doing are anywhere near me.

    Hmm... wonder whether I can get to the forum from work? Uh-oh.... :)
  • My daughter says :- Dad are you on there again / still on there / you were on there when I went to school.............
  • Wee Piglet - yes you can - V-rap told me how -just enter your email address & password and the site software does the rest. Easy peasy.
  • Sythree - thank you :) I'll try that out tomorrow morning.
  • Youll never work again
    Thank god our hospital computers are useless
  • Welcome Wee Piglet - look forward to meeting you at a race somewhere.
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