Going clipless

Looking into going clipless on my trusty (mtb) steed...

Any advice on pedals/shoes?

ta in advance.


  • Might add, it'd be good if I could use em on the road too...
  • Shimano SPD's
  • Erm... Already decided that much! Any idea which particular shoes/pedals are any good?
  • Mmmmm.

    Well I like Look pedals for the road, as they have a nice big platform, and are really popular, so you can borrow other peoples bikes for a play.

    Off road - I had SPD's but they used to clog up something rotten in mud and were no use. So I swapped to the Time ATAC's and they were fine - never clogged up.

    If you aren't gonna race in the mud on her though - it's a toss up between SPD's and ATAC's for me.

    Most MTB shoes are compatible with both SPD's and ATAC's - v similar cleat.

    Bourne have some Adidad MTB shoes on offer now ! ;-)
  • Hmm... Apparently Shimano do some decent mud shedding ones now... Just need some advice.

    Was thinking of Cranks Bro's Candy... Sweet!
  • You can get Crank Bros egg-beaters for £60 now, very very cool and impossible to clog up.

    Whatever you choose you will inevitably have at least one fall whilst you're learning to use them - slowly toppling over onto one side whilst still clipped in. Just make sure you don't do it with loads of people watching, like I did ;-(
  • Or like Mr. IW, who fell over right in front of a sweet little old lady who hastened over to help him!
  • And Jonno - for what it's worth, I also use Shimano SPDs both on and off-road.
  • Skinny w- one fall ha ha ha, I have at least two per journey.
    I like my spd s and cannondale shoes, only one velcro loop strap- really quick in transition.
  • Egg beaters are well funky lookin but not sure about leg interface interactions (laceration city?).. depends on how much proper off roading yer planning on...

    I'm with cougie... some encompassing platforms around the cleat aid stability when not clipped in... Say shimano 454's..

    shoes.. anthing with a stiff sole should do it...
  • Need to go out and play... But still in love with the blue Candys! (dribble)
  • form over function or fucntion over form..?

    (tee hee) Candy's or candy SL's... (they've got sort of a pedal round 'em don't they!!

    (Do they do them in green tho' Jon..?!!)
  • Like the egg beaters. Want someone else to try them first though ! They do look v light.
  • Trouble is I've heard, that although the pedal is light the cleats are heavier, so overall similar weight to shimano style...
  • Sadly not... They do blue or grey
  • Just gonna have to buy that yeti frame then ain't ya'!!!
  • And your DJ1's perchance?!

    PLanning on the usual... Roads on the weekdays and dirty stuff (oo er) at the w/e's and some evenings... Not that it's real dirt you understand!

  • well,
    if you insist!!!
  • I'd say any SPD should handle that Jon...

    I do like the extra security of a pedal outside the clip as well for occasional dabs while off roading... but coped before as well...

    Go for the candy's then mate.. and then force Cougie to get 'em too!!
  • UGH! You're supposed to say they're a waste of 75 spondoolies!
  • Xmas is the perfick time for new bikey toys.
    Sadly mine look a bit lame.

    New Cateye light, and the gizziest lil Photon light for your keyring, but it straps round the handlebars in case of emergency. On flashing it makes me look like a lighthouse. Kinda.

    Go on Jon - get 'em - you know it makes sense !
  • Tee hee....
    you've come to the wrong place for 'disuasion' minky!!!
  • Bugger...

    That's what I want for xmas... a bugger!
  • (looks in diary..)

    sorry Jon I'm fully booked... Go to debenhams and find a santa to sit on his lap... maybe he'll help ya'...
  • cougie,
    photon light sounds interesting... I'm jsut playing with making a wee LED light for mine about 100-120 lumens apparently from a wee 5w LED, with very minimal current drain, batts should last a lifetime!! Adn the bluey kinda light is more suited to our eyes for seeing with than the orangy yellow on you get from normal bulbs...
  • So... You save on battery, but 120 lemons are gonna cost ya...
  • Are they expensive ones?
  • in total, not each... one off payment... cheapest lighting syst I've bought!!
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