Endurance and speedwork

I've been running for the last 3 weeks, I run 6 times a week including cycling, swimming and intense cardio. My average jog pace is around 11:23 per mile. Is it possible to get to a race pace of 10 min/mile in 2 months (half marathon)?

How effective will interval training once a week be in increasing my pace? And what other speedwork can I do? 

And finally my biggest problem is endurance. When I'm running for too long my chest starts to ache and if I stop running and try to get started again my legs seize up- is that normal for a beginner runner?

I am doing one long run a week and increasing mileage each week, however what have you all found to be the most effective/efficient ways to increase endurance?

Thanks and apologies for all the questions. 


  • I would hazzard a guess you are going far too quickly ...  vary the pace, get a plan and see how they set out a weeks training, keep longer runs at a conversational pace and as you increase speed in your sessions then decrease the time on your feet, varying paces like this will help your overall speed
    Make sure you have sufficient rest days, eat well. sleep well, drink well

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

    ....... drink well

    Am guessing I took this the wrong way (hic).

    Can't really help other to say I was running everywhere too quickly and now following the HADD method and trying to keep my HR below 70-75% of MAX. It took a while but am now running as fast as before but at a much lower HR.

  • roebyroeby ✭✭✭

    I would cut back a little , you may find you are doing too much, give your body 2 rest days and make every workout or run you do effective.One long steady run a week, hill training and interval training.Your times will soon come down.


  • Why are you running 6 days a week? Your big issue appears to be doing way too much.  This will only led to burnout or injury.  3 days a week is enough for improvement - interval session, tempo run and distance run.  Add more days in as you get more comfortable.

  • I suppose I run that often because I have the time, but if you recommend cutting down then that's what I'll do. With steady long runs I find my jog pace is too fast but if I slow it down I am practically walking, so is that okay for long runs- to walk and jog? 

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