1/2 Marathon by November?!

Hi Folks,

I am new here, and new to running. I was just wondering if it is realistic to aim being able to do a half marathon by November. At the moment i don't run, but i intend on starting today!

I am 100% dedicated to getting fit & ready for this half in November, but would like your proffesional opinion.

If you think it is possible, please point in me in the direction of a way of planning my exercise & eating. If not, then please say so, it wouldnt hurt my feelings. I would much rather be safe!

Thank you to all those who read this and reply, i really appreciate it. 


  • End of November is over 4 months away - if you train sensibly that's plenty of time and there will be plenty beginners 12 or 16 week training plans online to get you there.

  • KT 3 to 4 months is time for a half marathon from scatch as long as you don't have any health problems. Which one are you thinging of doing? There is a training plan attached to this site that's a good starting point for training up to a half.

    Only think would say is don't go hell for leather at first. You see a lot of newbie's overtraining thinking yes I can hammer it and then wonder why they end up injured.

    One thing would say through is if you havn't throught of it already go get a gait test from a running shop and invest in some decent running trainer's. Will help and also reduce the risk of getting injured.

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi KT2

    It is possible to complete a HM in November. Go online and look for a beginners HM plan which normally are 12 weeks so there is plenty of time to get fit for it. Please also ensure you have good ,well fitting shoes as there is nothing worse that having ill fitting shoes which will give you blisters or worse, taking away the fun and enjoyment.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks so much everyone, that is great news. Cake I was hoping to do the Conwy half http://www.runwales.com/events/conwy-half-marathon but there is no plan on the website as of yet. 

    I shall get on it now image Thanks again everyone, I shall endevour to update you on how it all goes! 

  • Hi KT2 - just came across your thread. I'm thinking of entering for this half marathon. If you're still around - how's it going?

  • I'm running my first half marathon on Sunday!  

    Followed a beginners plan and am now running 10 miles in around 90 mins.

    It can done. 

    Good luck 

  • That's brilliant, good luck Heather!

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