"Best" -easiest? Ironman

Completed my first marathon @42 this year and want to look for next challange, could not decide between 2014 goal of sub 3:00 marathon (would need to be 13 minutes quicker) or an IM.

Have now decided on an Ironman-good choice???

I have a road bike but only use it if injured from running max distance of 30 miles and av mph 13.

I can swim 1 mile or so in a pool but not very fast or pretty. Never swam open water-really don't like the idea of it!

So I am looking for a Ironman that would suite me-quite happy to travel within reason-will tie next years holiday in with the IM if needed (unless my wife objects to that!!)

Any suggestion greatly received


  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭

    how long's a piece of string?

    No IM is easy and best is a personal thing.

    there's a bunch from here off to IM France in Nice next year - why not join them??

    and you have plenty of time to train so get cracking!

  • Have you ever been to Nice ? Have you ever worn yellow and black ?

    IMFR isnt the easiest IM but there will be a lot of us there - and if you are aiming for sub 3 then you're a fast runner anyway.
  • Ah beaten to it.
  • they are all tough or easy depending on what your strengths are and your ability...

    Nice is going to be greaty and with the euopean atmosphere..

    Outlaw is a non branded one that is flat and well organise but poorely supported on teh bike route and not closed roads..

    wales is well supported but hilly route

    IMUK is in boloton and nothing i can add to thatimageimage

  • Do you specifically want a WTC Ironman (TM) event or just a long distance tri?  Entries to Challenge Roth open on Monday and I believe this is (still) the fastest iron-distance course.

  • They're all p*ss easy if you train enough for them.

    Those most favoured for a quick time include Austria, Switzerland and Florida (there are more but I've not raced them).  They'll all sell out within hours of registration opening, a year in advance of the event itself.

    Depending on whether you want a flat course, a cool course or a pretty course to keep you going, there are a multitude of answers.

    The safe bet if you want to avoid the real torture is to avoid Lanazarote or Norseman.  They're best saved for when you've really got "the bug".

  • "Best" -easiest? Ironman

    They are all the best, none of them are easy  image

  • if you train hard enough you can use an iron distance event to cool down on image


  • There is a theme here... The harder, longer you train, the easier they are. It's relative. 

  • IMF is closed isn't it?

  • thanks all I like the idea of Nice IM- must be missing something about the black and yellow! and the whole pirate thing-could be just what i need to help me to do the all important correct training- any where I can get more info from?

  • Why do you want to do the 'easiest' what is the point in even bothering if that is your attitude.

    I would stick with race for life!!

  • Smith I would stick with the constructive comment thats if you have ever or can ever make on!!

    Easiest for my skills would to me seem a good starting point-I would imagine any IM competed at full effort would be difficult, easiest is relative-thought that was obvious.

    anyway what is wrong with race for lifeimage


  • This is a wind up, yes?

    Can't think of a comment more constructive then HTFU!


  • Depends on how easy you get wound up!

    Rereading my original post / title then yes this sounds a bit wimpy so maybe I need to HTFU. 

    I don't normally look for the easy route- came into running late 40 years old gave myself a goal of a GFA London time by 42, chose a off road fell/trail race as my fisrt attempt and just managed it. 

    BUT I must admit I do feel a bit intimidated about the IM challenge-which is not like me (that is what appeals so much I think) not particularly the race it's self but the training involved - I don't want to just complete it I would want to race it and get my best possible time be that 16:55 or 10:30 I actually have not got a clue at this point. 

    I guess the times of an IM or only comparable with the exact same IM route and not others - ie 15:00 on one could be harder to achieve than 12 on another guess I was just looking for the 12:00 hour ones-yes a bit wimpy!

  • Correct, if you want to do any ironman distance race in the quickest time possible then look at fast and relatively flat courses like IM Austria, Outlaw, Challenge Roth.

    If you want to do a "tough" ironman look at the likes of Wales, Lanzarote or the Norseman.

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