Half-ironwomen/men - want to ask a sports nutritionist a question??

Hi all,

I'm blogging on Triathlete's World, covering my training for a half-ironman whilst looking after two small children.


I'm going to be interviewing a top sports nutritionist next week and wondered if any of you have any questions you'd like me to put to her? I'm really interested to find out what kind of issues you're all having when it comes to training, and what your worries are about staying sated and hydrated on race day. I certainly have a few!

I'll cover as many questions as I can in next week's blog, so watch that space...



  • errm - what's the best packed lunch that doesn't cost the earth or take long to prepare?

  • Given the current weather I would be interested in hydration, electrolytes and their effect on cramp.


  • Recipe for a tasty energy bar as I hate gels and love the high 5 berry bars but they cost loads.

  • i think a lot of us have small kids and train for an ironman, am i missing something. It seems that theres more running and tri blogs going about than there is triafleets image


  • DK after ironman training, work, OH ironman training, 2 kids and their hobbies the only time I have left is for candy crush, not blogging! image

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