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Just got a new laptop after my old one gave up the ghost. The new one has Windows 8.  I can't say I'm in love with it but perhaps I just need to get used to it but there is one definite problem.


It can see my home network and connects to it, but says the connection is Limited (which means no internet) and yet my old laptop (Windows 7) would happily connect to the internet via the network, and I'm typing this from my PC which is connected in the same way.


Help please!


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    Not had any connectivity issues when we transferred. I take it you've rebooted modems and got to the point where you're ready to hurl the dam thing out the window?

    Incidentally Windows 8 is shite and doesn't get any better.  Enjoy image

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  • lol yes I hate it already.


    I'm starting to wonder if it might be because my router (which is for 802.11g) is not the same as for the network card (802.11n) but none of the automatic troubleshooter thingies say anything about that

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    We did have a problem with the installed security eating the modem connection.  So I uninstalled the program and that sorted it. 

  • Fixed it image


    Just needed to dig out an encryption key which I'd forgotten but with a bit of online searching I cracked it. The n network card works ok with the g router on the right frequency so I don't have to shell out image

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    Good news, well done image

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