Stupid question

I'm just getting into Triathlon and as lowly learning all about it. 

There are the smaller low level races that obviously anyone can enter. But at the bigger races, where there are elite categories, such as today's in Hamburg, they seem to have age group races. Now the question Is, are "age group" races open to anyone regardless of how c&@p you are, or do you have to have a certain standard?



  • Yes anyone can enter. I think it's probably confusing because the 'hype' is on the fact that it's an ITU series race for the elites but 'age group' covers the rest of us mortals though in this case the race is held on a different day.

  • Ah right, thanks! image

    I'd also heard about a GB age group triathlon team & people calling themselves age group triathletes & it was all sounding a bit elite!

  • Racing as an age grouper for GB is slightly different - you do have to qualify for that and apply for a place on the team.

  • I don't think I'll ever need to worry about that! Just want to make sure I don't enter a race where I'll make a total fool of myself!

  • It took me a while to realise that "age group" athletes are (for the most part) just everyone else!

    You don't see this in running, where people are also split into age groups.  

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