Fat to Fit - Time for change? Me, too!



  • Forgot to say running fish enjoy your first 10k! It's a great feeling setting off amongst a lot of excited runners, just watch you don't get caught up in the general rush and set off too fast or you might pay for it later. Stick to your own pace. 

  • Thanks Cathy, I have done my last run before the weekend... it feels a little like running out of time to revise before an exam but because it is my first ever 10k I am garanteed a PB image

    great speedy speed work

  • had a terrible week, too many work events. So too much food and drink, no running done at all. today is quiet in prep for half for tomorrow

  • Don't worry Rachel sometimes having the time off invigorates you once you're out there.  I'm sure you'll go great tomorrow.  

    My running has gone up the spout today - my daughter had some friends round last night and they were a bit noisy into the early hours, then this morning there's been a load of cleaning up to do and I'm too tired to run!   I might have a quick snooze then go for a run after I think I could only manage about 1k at the moment.  

    RF that's the good thing about your first race at any distance you get a PB!!  After that I find I'm doomed to disappointment image

  • Good luck tomorrow everyone, bed now!

  • Good luck with the runs today folks, am sure you'll enjoy, the buzz you get when you cross the line will be well worth it image

    Cathy, I did the 5k in 28:29 really chuffed with that - the ground was not as boggy as last year so I enjoyed it more too. Got beaten by my boyfriend this year tho so that has pushed me even more to improve!! Don't worry about the lack of outside running, sometimes life (and family) just gets in the way!! Did you go out after? Did 7 miles yesterday and was a real struggle (had to stop a few times) wish I had trained properly for the half next Sun image All my own fault tho so will just have to learn from it.


  • Dotty, nice time for the 5k! 

    Just back from my half-marathon. Lovely course,nice and flat, although muddy and slippy in places along the tow path. Nearly didn't do it, as a cold crept up on me yesterday and woke up with itchy throat and runny nose image  

    But not on chest, so gace it a go. It was HARD, harder than the Greenwich one, as not feeling quite right. BUT...did it, and got a new PB!!! image Watch time ws 2:14:17. We'lll see what official time was ...

  • Wow Dotty and Rachel both fantastic times! Well done. You can't grumble about a PB especially when you're not feeling 100%. I didn't get out yesterday but have been to zumba this morning which I love. Will try and get out this week maybe a morning run. 

  • Thanks guys image 

    Well done Rachel, a PB is brill achievement anytime but especially when feeling under the weather.

  • Well done Dotty and Rachel, good running!  How did you get on RunningFish?  I had my first race in two and a half years this morning, the Ashtead 10K.  Great little cross country/trail race, hoped to go under an hour and managed 58:09 so well pleased!

  • Great work on the PBs, guys! Nice work also, Stevie on the 10k. 

    I was supposed to go for a long run yesterday but about a mile in my knee felt a bit sore. Decided to persevere but then my iPhone restarted which meant I couldn't listen to the playlist I'd prepared. This made up my mind for me, so I only did 5k. Better than nothing, but not exactly the half marathon distance I'd originally planned.

  • I had a bit of a struggle but managed my ultra 82k 11:55

  • 82k? F**k thats a long way... Well done on finishing that bad boy!

    Stevie - congrats on the 10k and glad you are pleased with your time!

    I have also done no running this weekend due to just being too busy. Doing yesterdays LSR this evening (12m) then some quick tapering for the Cardiff half in 12 days. Getting nervoucly excited now!

  • 82k? that's a LONG way! congrats!!!

  • Well done Stevie - I have never managed to get below the hour mark for an organised 10k, is on my to-do list. 

    Well done Booktrunk - that is a beast!!! How's the legs feeling today?

  • 3 weeks without a drink and I'm still going strong. We went to a birthday party last Saturday and didn't crack. 2 weeks to go until the royal parks half, getting excited. I did 11 miles yesterday. That's my distance pb and considering I felt crook all week I'm pretty happy. 82kms is insane, well done!! 

  • How are my legs... Well.... To be honest they are saying payback is a bitch!!

    It's not painful as such but they are just so stiff and maybe a tad ouchy when I have to go up a step. Went upstairs in a shop, had to grab the handrail with both hands and pull up one step at a time. Easier at home I just crawl up them on all fours image
  • Why not crawl up stairs on all fours when shopping? I'd feel nothing but smuggery when getting funny looks, and maybe even say "I ran 100k at the weekend, bitches!"

    Well done on the dry spell James!

    I managed the 12 I was intending. Quicker than an LSR should have been really, but still a minute and a half per mile over my target race pace, so think thats a good thing. Shorter sharper runs for the next 2 weeks now. Felt really good last night, not so much now though!

  • Mattyrawr: haha actually on Sunday I'd done about 32ish and was at a real low

    Point and went through a gate and saw a couple just walking coming the other way. But they were still a way from the gate so I let it close and shuffled past them for the woman to say you could have held the gate for us.

    Hehe, I looked like s**t felt worse had a big number on my front that also said I was running 50 miles, and this woman just out for a stroll was complaining I did'nt wait for her to save her or her oh the effort of opening a gate.

    Hehe I suppose realistically me waiting 20 seconds wouldn't make any difference but I sure didn't think that at the timeimage or maybe If I was feeling better but I was at a real low point. So I wasn't amused at the time it's funny nowimage
  • Now some bright spark will come and say I'm giving runners a bad name not waiting at the gate.
  • Yeah but a few of those 20 second stops would have been the difference between 11h+ and 12h+ times!

    20 seconds is a long time to wait holding a gate for someone. I'd wait 5 tops. Good call in my opinion!

  • Cheersimage
  • Well done Booktrunk thats amazing image hope your good, I havent been about for a while

  • Some amazing running (esp booktrunk's mega run!). Puts my 5k today to shame. 

  • Hi booey i'm good thanksimage

    Jae no it doesn't image it's not going to happen often. I have Leics marathon in 3 weeks then I'm really looking forward to going back to challenging myself at 5k park runs for the winter image
  • so I've put the date of the London Marathon in the Asics site and generated a plan. No idea if I've made it through the ballot yet, but I need to start on a plan otherwise I';ll just stop. of course, the cold has progressed so currently I can't make it up a flight of stairs without being out of breath, so training waits for recovery. But...I HAVE A PLAN!

  • That's how I startedimage different Marathon but same principal. Good luckimage

    Shout if you need a hand lots of us have been where image
  • Good start Rachel! I've booked in for the Weston Christmas Cracker 10k to train for after Cardiff, and I'm going to use an Asics plan for that. By then I'll know which marathon I'll be doing in the spring and use it for that training plan too. I'm in the ballot but its my first time entering so not expecting an entry. Paris is my backup.

    I wasn't due to run yesterday and it was a good job because at 2pm I started feeling well rough. Serious fatigue and tingly muscels - felt like flu. Good nights sleep though and feel bright as a button today! And I firmly believe that the quick recovery is a direct result of increased fitness. So I'm pleased.

    Which is a good job, because flu with 10 days to go would have been the pits!

  • Clearly wasn't quite recovered yesterday, as i felt horrible for every step of the 4.9m I ran yesterday. Though i did manage to keep a 10m/m pace up. I had a shoulder ache, stitch, stomach cramps and an overwheliming urge for a number 2. Not good!

    Having another crack tonight. 6 miles I hope provided I don't feel too horrible again!

  • I got in the London marathon!!!  Completely and utterly surprised!!!!! 

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