Fat to Fit - Time for change? Me, too!



  • Really? I had a mental image of a super fit turnout. That's very interesting (and it's given me a bit of motivation, too. Thanks!)

    I have learnt. Doesn't mean I want to get there so slowly, though.

  • It should motivate you. Try and get down to an event near you and see for your self that could really be benefical. I think there was some coverage on channel 4 but I would imagine that would be for the elite athletes only.

    Even some of the Ironman footage online will show people all any shape and size! Makes me think if they can why can't I?

  • Good idea. I'll see if there's anything near me going on. 

    Quite right. Watching people just like me doing it would be all the motivation I'd need. 

    Thanks, Kritter!

  • After Monday, felt good so ran Tuesday and Wednesday, too (7min run / 2 min walk repeat). Will probably run again this week but three times is the minimum.

    Next week it's 8/1 then I'll just...um....run! I'm only running for around 30 minutes, so I'll keep adding time each week once I remove the walking part. So far, so good.

    Feels far more sensible than forcing myself to run without walking breaks at this early stage. Although I'm only on the treadmill at the moment it never ceases to amaze me to watch new gym goers clambering onto the treadmill and running as fast as they can before staggering off to throw up (or keel over). I must admit, I must look quite timid running at such an easy pace, but I've read enough and received enough great advice on here to know I'm going about it, if not the perfect way then at least the most sensible. 

    Anyway, I'm jabbering on. Night all.

  • Just ran a shade under 5k. Did it without stopping (even though it's a little hilly) and, although I struggled a bit on the uphill sections, I still managed it. Feel great for it even if I am a little sore in the morning. Muscle memory must have helped me through! Feel like a runner again....

  • Jae Prowse wrote (see)

    Although I'm only on the treadmill at the moment it never ceases to amaze me to watch new gym goers clambering onto the treadmill and running as fast as they can before staggering off to throw up (or keel over).

    I may have been known to do the above. Certainly if i'm running out of time I just get on there make sh!t loads of noise (14st jumping up and down on the tredmill does that) it doesnt help that I am a heavy runner anyway.

    Jae well done on the 5k sounds like your making real progress! Muscle memory can be a saviour at times like that. Really pleased for you mate, just keep it up image

  • To be honest, I used to do the same - probably part of the reason I didn't 'get' running until a couple of years ago, once I understood the notion of going very slowly to improve endurance, etc. 

    Cheers, Kritter. Back on the treadmill today and ran 30 straight minutes with no problems. So I think I'll just add a little time weekly (I'd add distance, but I'm more interested in time on my feet than how far I've gone at the moment) and see how I go. Thighs are a little sore but it's a good soreness, the kind you get when you're using muscles you haven't in a while. 

  • Yup, I did that on the treadmill too. Was a bit of a shock when I tried to run outside and couldn't really do it!  I still see loads of people running with the treadmill completely flat rather than on an incline.

    Went for a run on Thursday, was very hot, but with a nice breeze. Went inside to the gym to do a bit on the rowing machine followed by some stretching, and there was a bloke running on the treadmill, sweating buckets and looking bored witless. I wonder if it even occurred to him to take it outside?

    Oh, and I seem to have said I will run a 10 mile multi-terrain race in November. That will focus the mind on training!!!

  • When I started running the first time I did all my running on the treadmill to start with. You're right Tina, going outside is a bit of a shock. I did prefer the treadmill at first, but I'm growing to enjoy the outside more this time. It is harder, but it's a much better workout and you feel great after. I'll still use the treadmill during the week when I'm in the office because it's easier. But always on an incline image

    That sounds like a challenge, Tina, but you'll nail it. Good luck. Let me know how the training is going. 

  • Another 5k this morning. I won't post the time (it wasn't very good) but it felt nice to get outside and run first thing. Not too hot today either, so nice running conditions. 

  • Hi Jae, i'm coming up to the end of the c25k program (next week is week 9, where I finally have to run for 30 mins flat). I'm doing 28 mins this week and I feel like it's killing me a bit but I've been told that it will get easier (indeed, i didn't think i'd even be able to do this two months ago).

    don't worry about your times on the 5k. I've been hearing that if you can manage the distance, the time will get better as you keep redoing it. I teach guitar and i always say that your ability to play chords will eventually catch up with your strumming hand (because you need to keep rhythm if you want to be in a band with other people - which my students all do) which is totally true so I guess it's the same principle. Keep trying, and you will succeed with a time you are proud of! I'm nervous for my first 5k distance, and hope my time is 30mins or less, but can't be disheartened by not doing that.

    Have you bought some new shoes for running? My previous message mentioned I'd just bought some, and I've had them a few weeks now. I can confirm that they've made a massive distance to my knee pain and in forming the more consistent movement of my feet which has helped with pace,

    best of luck as you push on! r wills


  • Hi r wills,

    It's a great feeling when you get to (and past) the 5k stage and it sounds like you're almost there. My 5k time is about 35 minutes but I'm not too worried about time, it's just nice to be able to do it. Yes I, like you, struggle to get there but it's not agony, just uncomfortable as my body isn't used to it. Don't worry if you don't do it in under 30 minutes (though you might even surprise yourself), just getting to 5k is a great milestone. 

    Yes, I had my gait analysed and all that stuff. I have a lovely pair of Brooks running shoes, which are great. My knee problem doesn't seem to exist when I'm running. It all goes sour when I play football, so I've reluctantly retired from playing. 

    Cheers - best of luck to you, too. Let me know when you hit 5k.

  • A very comfortable 5k early this morning. A pretty slow time, but I felt I could have continued were it not for the busy morning ahead. A mate I used to run with has been in touch about running together again so I think we'll start doing that on Saturday or Sunday from next weekend. I'll try and push it to 4 miles, I think, and see how I get on. Slow and steady....

  • Had a spare hour this afternoon so decided to do my regular 5k but push for a better time. Was hoping to do it in under 30 mins, but struggled a bit towards the end and only managed 33.48. There lots of different gradients, though. That's my excuse, anyway. 

    At least I've got something to try and beat each week now. It'll be a my little tempo session. 

    Oh, and I've lost 11 pounds so far, which I'm very pleased with.

  • Keep up the good progress Jae, you'll be under the 30 minute mark soon enough and its good to have targets! Congrats on the weight loss too, I've dropped about 4 stone myself so know what you are going through!

  • Thanks matty, I've another couple of stone to go but progress is steady so I'm happy. I used to run it in about 25 mins so hopefully I'll get somewhere near there again in the future.

  • Went out this morning with the intention of doing about 5k at a nice gentle pace, but felt good and ended up doing 5 miles (with a couple of quick stops to stretch). Could probably have pushed on for 10k but was happy with my run today - a new route can work wonders! Feel like I'm back in the swing of things now, which is fabulous.

  • I've never run 5 in 25 so I'll be happy to get down there too!

  • Jae - You are doing brilliantly.  I would not be worrying too much about your times at the moment just get out there and enjoy it.  The times will come if you keep working at it.  I am still working towards a sub 60 min 10 km and that is my next goal, well thats after the Great North Runimage  Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks so much, Liversedge Lesley2

    It's always nice to get a little pat on the back. Very motivating. 

    I think I'm going to sign up for a 10k in late November (I did it last year so I remember the race well). I doubt I'll finish in the same time - I did it in 57.43 - but I've got about 13 weeks to buld up to it so I may as well give it a go and enjoy it for what it is. Also gives my running a bit of focus. 

    Besides, if I can run 5 miles, what's another 1.2 miles?

  • Ran 10k early this morning. I won't pretend it wasn't a bit of an effort towards the end, but I wanted to see if I could do it, so I did it. Not the best time - about 70 mins - but now I know I can do it, the 10k I've lined up for November should be straightforward if I train sensibly. I've also lost a stone so far.

    A good day.

  • Nice one, losing that much weight will certainly make it easier - keep it up!

  • Thanks Daeve.

    Two more easy miles at lunch today.

    I'm considering using the Runner's World SmartCoach (in conjunction with the MacMillan running calculator for pacing) for training for the 10k I've entered, which takes place late November. Does anyone have any experience of using SmartCoach? Good? Bad?

  • Hey Jae,

    You are doing great. I'm 18st and have just started running. I am enjoying "runkeeper" an app for your phone. Have you tried it?


  • Hi Mark,

    I have used to it but I didn't really get on with it. I use my Garmin for most things, but just fancied following a proper 10k plan. I have started the SmartCoach plan now, so we'll see how it goes.

    Did 5 miles at lunch today, albeit on the treadmill which was fine as it kept my pace even and at the right level as instructed in the plan. My body is starting to get used to the stresses I've put it under as the mileage seemed quite comfortable today - a good sign as far as I'm concerned. 

  • Did long run this morning as I won't have time for one over the weekend - a 7 miler.

    I have to confess I've never run that far before so it's a bit of a milestone for me (6.2 miles is my previous maximum). 

    Next week, will add another half mile or so. 10 miles is the next milestone. 


  • Quick, gentle 2 miler this morning in the rain. Cooling.

  • I'm just returning to running been at it for the last 4 weeks and just got to 30 mins today.!! I too need to lose about 2 stone so will be following along a similar path. Why do we let ourselves get out of shape?! I'm thinking about doing a 10k to have something to aim for. How long do you think I need to get to that stage? 


  • Hi Cathy,

    I think we're all naturally lazy so it's all too easy to just quit something that requires effort (unlike eating, which I find very easy). 

    You could probably get round a 10k now with some effort, but the best way is to follow a beginner's 10k training plan - I reckon a 12 week one should do the job if you're up to 20 mins already (though you could probably do an 8 week one and still make it around a 10k course ok). There are plenty of free ones on the internet. Just depends on how you feel fitness-wise. I'm following a 12-week plan. 

  • Hey Jae

    Thanks for that I'm feeling fairly positive at the moment but any encouragement is helpful.  I certainly don't feel that 10k is within reach at the moment but will possibly look at a 12 week  programme to help me get some structure to my training. 

    Natural laziness is a hazard!  Thanks for your positive thoughts


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