Fat to Fit - Time for change? Me, too!



  • I've just been adding a mile a week. It's not so difficult as long as you run slowly. He says....

  • Hey guys Im a big bloke  6ft2 and 18.5 stone and have been running for about 18 months. I usually swim, I have done the 5km Swimathon for the past couple of years but thought I would try running. At first I could only do about 3 laps of my park, about 2km. Last year I set myself the goal of running 10km race, I had never run this far before. I trained about 3 times a week, gradually increasing the distance and run the 10km in 1 hour. Not the quickest time but I was pretty happy. This year I have entered my first half marathon which is in October and the training is going well. I haven't lost much weight, probably due to eating and drinking (I am giving up drink for September) but feel much fitteer and more healthy. For me entering a race is the motivation that I need in order to get out there and run. I now actually enjoy running and it is a great time to think and destress. Stick with it. If I can do it anyone can.

  • Hi James,

    Great stuff. Good luck with the half marathon. Let us know how it goes. We're all trying in one way or another. It can be tough sometimes, but it's worth it (though I only speak for myself). Are you hoping to run the half in a specific time or just want to get around it and finish?

  • Welcome James and good on you for sticking with it. I definitely agree running is a good destressor. Good luck with your training for the half marathon. Keep us posted on your progress and with your sept on the wagon.  I think we could all identify with needing to do that in our bid to lose the flab image. You're the one doing it tho ! V impressive. 

  • 8 miles, early tomorrow - I'm ready, but are my legs? Will be my longest ever run...

  • 8 miles. 1 hour 20 mins (approx 10 min mile pace). Done. Bit sore, but ok.

    Just the small matter of taking my son to the park now. 

    Have a great weekend, everyone.


  • Well done Jae that's a fantastic achievement.  You must be feeling really good - well mentally! 

    I'm feeling cross with myself this morning - I did 3.2 miles so that's good but I had to stop about 3 times and found it really hard going. It may have had something to do with 2/3 of a bottle of wine I had last night.....

    Am considering joining James with the dry Sept option. 

  • Don't worry. Everyone has a bad run. I'm very much due one. At least you got out there and ran. Besides, I often stop for a stretch on my runs. It's not the stopping that's the problem - it's starting again. Also, you did over 5k, which is fantastic! Milestone passed.Bet your next run is a great one.

  • Hey Jae Thanks for the words of encouragement I did feel bad but when I htink about it you're right -over 5k is still the furthest I've run even if I did have to stop.  I think it was knowing that I made it harder for myself because of the wine that I was cross. 

    Anyway I'm off to the Zumba again tomorrow - quite looking forward to it.  I've laid off the wine tonight so should be OK. 

    Are you running tomorrow or having a rest day - that 8 miler plus the park must have taken it out of you!   

  • I love wine, too, so I know how difficult it is to not have it. Maybe just don't have it the night before the run (easier said than done, I know). But still, you've done 5k. Next step is to try and do it not stop (or with less stops). You'll be doing it soon, no problem. It took me a few goes but once I'd done it a few times I was up and running (so to speak).

    Two days exercising in a row?! Now you're putting me to shame.

    Rest day - I'm a little stiff this morning, so I'll give myself a day to recover and then go for an easy one tomorrow.

    Enjoy Zumba.

  • Hi guys, just discovered your thread and it ticks lots of boxes for me so hope you don't mind if I join in! I'm back into my running after a couple of years off, mainly spent eating too much and drinking too much red wine! I managed to get up to 100 kg last Christmas so am trying to get down to 80kg by next one! At just under six foot 100kg classified me as morbidly obese but in truth it was mainly all around my belly! I've managed to get down to 93kg now and as the weight comes off my running seems to get easier. Strange that eh?! Anyway I've booked myself into a 10k in three weeks and I'll be happy with anything around 1hr 5mins. I did a hilly 6miles in just over an hour yesterday and 4.5miles on the road in 42 mins this morning so fingers crossed for the race. It is a hilly trail route so we'll see! Rest day tomorrow and then some hill work on Tuesday. I saw that a few of you recommended the Myfitnesspal app so I'm going to give that a go too, in truth I've no idea about my calorie intake! Off to the footie this afternoon so a few beers are unavoidable and then a BBQ tonight, looks like I'm going to have to do some serious mileage to balance out the calories!

  • Hi Stevie,

    Welcome to our little group of fatties trying to regain our fitness and former waistlines. Sounds like you'e doing some good running so best of luck with the 10k. You're running one before the rest of us so let us know how you get on. 

    Enjoy the footie (unless you support Arsenal) and the BBQ. It is Sunday, afterall...

  • I let you into a secret. I started running when I left school at the time I weighed  10 stone I old money. Over the 20 years of competing long distance, I stuffed my face, went drinking with international athlete  on training night.

    Over that time I would say was putting away about 6000 calories (if not more ) I still weight the same at the end of my competing days. So don't  worry weight will go, just make sure that you get nutrient thats needed from your diet intake 

  • Thanks Jae, however you might not be so welcoming when I tell you I'm an Arsenal season ticket holder! I'm guessing follow that lot up the Seven Sisters Road? I'll keep you updated with the training, race and weight!

  • Then you're not welcome! Just kidding - well played today. Overall you deserved the win. We were pedestrian, especially in midfield. Part of the problem with trying to bed in so many new players, I guess.

    Yes, let us know how you get on. It's always nice to hear from anyone willing to share their trials and tribulations as they attempt to get fit, lose weight, etc. Just don't mention the footie image

  • Green Dragon 1111 - that's the sort of thing I like to hear! 

  • Don't  forget using energy, you have to replace fuel. But think about fuel to stock  the fire image

  • I ran my first 10 miles today, in 1.52m. I know that its not the greatest time ever but I am very happy with it. The half marathon is 5 weeks away, so with some more training I'm confident that I will be able to complete it. 


  • Welcome green dragon and Stevie boy our little group is growing nicely.  You both seem to be getting on well. It's heartening to know I could possibly stuff my face and still lose weight but I haven't seen much evidence of it so far! 

    James 10 miles is fabulous! Apparently you don't need to have run 13 miles to be able to do it on the day so I think you'll be just fine by the time you get to race day.  Your time isn't bad now.....

    looking forward to hearing more good news from you boys. No idea about football though sorry. Anyone watching the vuelta? was quite exciting today!

  • Hi all... what a great thread and a lovely group of folk on this forum image well done everyone

    So I am about a stone and a half heavier than my desirable running weight. I have been an on and off runner over the years but usually end up over doing it and getting injured. I have just started running again ( 6 weeks running 3 times a week) and am really enjoying it. 

    I would like to run 5 days a week but am stiff after my runs... any advice on running more often?

    the other thing is that apart from a marathon in 2002 I have never entered a race... I live in liverpool, can anyone recommend a friendly race/ event 10k or half marathon?

  • Brilliant running, James! You'll run the half marathon, no problem at all. Keep us updated on your progress.

    Hi, Running Fish. Welcome! Lovely to have you. 

    I'd say, just keep going as you are, adding a little extra each week, and your body will get used to running over time (which you probably already know). 

    Not sure about races in Liverpool as I live down south, but have you checked out Parkrun ? They're 5k races that take place weekly around local parks around the country so there may be one near you to get started with, and they're free! Might not be quite the distance you're after, but they're good fun.

    Also, you could take a look at the Events guide on this website. They'll have lists of races in your area. Hope that helps. 

  • Went for a run at lunch. 5k - 29 mins 10 seconds. A new world record! Well, a new record for me since returning to running. Mo Farah will sleep easy tonight. 

    I've a 5k race for charity at work on Wednesday. I'm hoping to match my time. Fingers crossed!

  • Good luck!  I ran parkrun on Satuday and got a new personal best, knocking 70secs off the old one. I've found that not running the 4+miles TO parkrun does wonders image

    Got my forst half marathon at the end of the week and feeling ready for it. That, combined with 1 more pound to lose this week before I hit my 50lb loss, think it's going to be a GOOD week!


  • Great work Rachel, good luck with the HM!  Which one are you doing?

  • Greenwich - Run to the Beat image

  • Good luck, Rachel. Let us know how you get on.

    50lb - wow! That's very impressive, indeed. 

  • Hi JP, thanks for the advice.... inspired I have registered for parkrun... all I have to do is to get up and out early saturday morning. I am not sure how that will go as I usually run in the evenings having saved up the frustrations of a full day at work image

    Well done on the new world record... I have no idea how fast I will be so V excited as it is a garanteed  PB!

    Good luck Rachel and well done on the 50lb that is amazing

  • It's free and you don't have to turn up every week, just when you fancy it. I know what you mean about work frustrations, though. 

    Thanks. Let me know how you do.

  • RunningFish, what i love about parkrun is you just turn up. I've not gone that often, depends on training plan, but it's a great way to track progress

  • Welcome Rachelcgen and Running fish lovely to have you in our select little group.  Rachel you are an inspiration 50lb is fantastic!!!  How much dieting to running do you need to do - since I've been back running I find I'm absolutely ravenous most of the time - hence not losing weight I suspect.  Some tips would be great. 

    I just looked at my local parkrun yesterday - I'm not sure I can get up and run for 9am on a Sat though!!  It looks a good way of helping people set their own targets and milestones though so maybe worth a go every now and again. 

    Hey Jae - well done for going under 30mins  good stuff! 

    Had a rest day today  - 'speed' (lol) work on the treadmill tomorrow.....

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