Fat to Fit - Time for change? Me, too!



  • Slow 7.78 miles this morning, the sweat and rain was making my eyes really sting in the last few miles but glad the run is in the bag.

  • Hi All,

    I have been reading this thread and it sounds like we have a lot in common, so would like to join please image I ran the LVM in 2011 and since then have really let my running and weight slide (in different directions)!!

    Am doing a half in 2 weeks with a friend and stupidly we haven't really trained for it (to cope our muscles will have to have the best memory ever)!! Just going to see it as a run/walk session because I can only run about 5k max at the mo before I have to stop and am about stone and half heavier than I should be. The long term aim is the Brighton Marathon in April next year........

    Going for a run tomorrow morning, and hoping to do 4 miles,

    Have a nice weekend all  



  • Welcome Dotty, good luck with your half in a fortnight but more immediately let us know how it goes tomorrow!

  • 10.25m 1:45

  • Hey all,

    Managed to run slow 7 miles (with walk breaks but I paused the watch for those). Am really surprised and chuffed image Think was the fact that my friend is fitter than me and I got a bit competitive.  Know that am going to ache like hell for next few days tho.

    Well deserved glass(es) of red for me tonight.

    Got a 5k run for my work on Weds eve so hopefully will have recovered by then.  

    Hope everyone had good running weekend?

  • Evening all,

    Haven't done any running since Tuesday. I wondered whetherall the little issues I've been having are possibly from the amount of running I've been doing - not that it's super excessive, but I have been going at it quite hard, nonetheless - so I've had a break to recharge my batteries so I'll be back to it tomorrow. Afterall, I can't run the Isle of Wight without some practice!

    Hi to all the new posters on this thread. Great to have you. image

  • Good work on your weekend runs everyone! My 16 miler took 2h55. Averaged just below 11m/m but considering the hill profile (OMG i really need to research my routes better, it was horrible!) it's about right for an LSR.

  • Been away for the weekend but managed a lovely run on sat morning although it was an out and back route (and you know I hate those) downhill on the way out and up all the way back. Only about 3 miles though. I'm off work today so I'm planning a 'speed' treadmill session. It's too windy and rainy for me outside. 

  • Back running today. Thought I'd do a quick 5k on the treadmill as the weather's a bit iffy. Managed the 5 in 27.32 which I was very pleased with. 

  • Did speedy treadmill - 4k in 29mins. I'm sure a lot of people could walk it faster but I was definitely at the limit of my ability and fitness! Still feeling a bit queasyimage I remind myself though that two months ago I was nearly a stone heavier and could only manage a few minutes running at a time and was ALOT slower. So this is progressimage

  • Great run, Cathy. It's always good to think, 'could I have done this a month or two ago?' The answer's always no. That's what keeps me going.

  • Thanks Jane for your encouragement I could easily be disheartened listening to everyone else's stories of speed and distance but everyone is always so positive about the small achievements that I just feel great. 

    BTW you haven't told us the date of the Great IOW challenge? I'm sure you said this month..

  • My tablet turned you into Jane again!!! So sorry. 

  • That's ok - I don't mind. 

    Yes, I find that small improvements are just fine as long as I am improving. Even if I don't get faster, if I find a workout a little easier or I can run for a little longer, then I know I'm improving. 

    It's the first week of October, weather permitting (I'm told it's going to be horrible). I'm gong to try and run the equivalent of a half marathon this weekend. I'll know I can do the extra 2 miles on the IOW, then.

  • Well done Jae and Cathy! The first run after the weekend is always horrible, particularly after a layoff for you Jae. It's all about small improvements! A few seconds quicker here, an extra half mile there.... all these things not only feel positive physically, but mentally they are invaluable! Keep plugging away image

    I had a rest day yesterday but going for a recovery run tonight. Hoping to do 7 miles at a nice easy pace, but my legs are still a bit weary after sunday, so may just do 6, will play it by ear tonight.

    I'm starting the taper this week. My plan is to squeeze all of these in!

    7m Recovery/10k Tempo/6m Easy/12 LSR

    6m Recovery/10k Tempo/5m Tempo/8m LSR with Tempo Intervals

    4m Recovery/3m Tempo/13.1m Race

    It doesn't look like much when its on paper, but I am praying i've done enough to get me under 1.57. But truth be told, I'd be happy with any Sub 2h time.

    My biggest issue right now is that I'm fighting a cold. Its just nose and throat at the moment, not really affecting the head, and I'm hoping tonight's recovery run will clear it, but with less than 3 weeks to go until the race I'm a bit conerned!

  •  My 'taper' this week seems very similar. A quick 3 miles on Sunday (I know I said I wouldn't, but it ended up being a nice morning) and then I'll do a 4 mile steady run to work Wednesday or Thursday. And that's it until the half marathon on Sunday. My legs were definitely struggling with the 11miles i did Saturday, so keeping it nice and easy this week

  • Hi Matty, 

    I know that horrible feeling of having a cold, but I found that the 5k race I did actually cleared my head and I felt better the next day. I guess as long as it's not in your chest you should be ok (or so I've read) so hopefully a run later will help to clear it. Good luck!

  • Another treadmill session today. I've decided to mix it up a bit to save my knees. Anyway, I did a kind of interval session of just over 5k. It burned 372 calories and I felt pretty good, though perhaps a touch tired after yesterday's fist run for a week. Nonetheless, I'm back into it, so that's a good thing as far as I'm concerned. 

  • Hey Matty I think Jae's right as long as you can breathe you can run, although a dripping nose can be extremely annoying and uncivilised!  Anyway you've got three weeks yet to sort yourself out so don't worry your mileage is good enough to see you through. Good luck Rachel for this weekend. 

  • Well done Jae

  • Well done on the runs to all image 

    My legs were v achy after Sundays run!! Still are a bit today but hopefully I'll be fine for the 5k with work tomorrow. The thought of post-run drinks with my lovely colleagues is making me look forward to it. If I get under 30 mins I'll be well chuffed - bit worried about the terrain tho as last year was boggy and the last few days have been rainy here....

  • Cheers guys! Chest nose and throat held out but the legs were where I suffered!

    6 miles in the bag though and it stretched the legs nicely.
  • Hi all, in a taper week as well, before my first race in two and half years on Sunday.  It's only the local 10K but should be fun.  Did 3.5 miles in the rain last night, it felt good and took me to 300 miles for the year so far.  Which was nice.

  • it's a taper week for me too before my first ever 10km.. I just have a 4-5 mile easy run to do tommorow evening and then rest until Sunday image

    Anytips greatfully recieved on running a 10 with other people around...

    Which 10k are you doing Stevie? Mines the southport seaside run. 

  • 300 miles is a good milestone, well done! Good luck in the 10k, it will feel like a big acheivement when you finish I'm sure! Whats your target time?

    I'm hoping the rain stays away so I can get another 6 in, but I'm a bit concerned its going to be another slog. My legs are still very achey from the 16. I'm thinking I should have rested them an extra day. But hey, its got to be good for endurance right??

  • Rest is vital when you're ramping up your training mileage, so don't feel bad about taking an extra rest day, especially after a hard 16 mile session!  You'll often benefit more by letting your muscles heal a little longer than slogging out another hour of running.

    I'm running in the Ashtead 10K, billed as the country's greenest 10K, I have a feeling the medals are made from wood!  Target times are firstly 1:02:00 to go sub 10mpm and then secondly to go sub one hour.  It's a cross country course with some decent "up and downs" so the terrain is going to be tougher than lovely smooth tarmac but will probably more fun for it!  As far as advice RF I'd just say "enjoy it!", it is undoubtely very different than running on your own, just keep your wits about you at the start and don't trip up over someone's foot!  It'll soon spread out though and you'll be able to relax into your own rhythm.  Revel in the company of hundred's of other people all together doing the same thing that you love doing!  Good luck! 


  • Had a day off yesterday so went for a run at lunchtime with a colleague. My Garmin was out of battery so we just ran a rough distance of 5k. It felt quite tough on my legs today so I wondered whether it could be because my two other runs this week were on the treadmill, hence the shock to my legs. I wasn't running particularly fast and felt fine from a cardiovascular perspective, but I couldn't shake off the heaviness. 

    Oh well, just a half marathon distance to cover Sunday. Hopefully the slower pace will help.

  • "Just a half marathon distance" ha ha! You'll do fine, but unlike me make sure you rest up afterwards!! I did another 6 last night and i just feel shattered today. No running for me tonight!

  • Brisk 2 miles tonight and that's it now until my race on Sunday.  Feet up time!

  • Hey Dotty how did your 5k go ? Everyone's been really busy. Feeling a bit guilty as I've only run twice this week and that was on the treadmill so looking forward to getting out on sat for a proper long run. 

    I'm up to 9kph intervals on my 'speed' sessions though so feeling quite positive about that. image

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