What does Affiliated mean

Does it mean you are attached to the club who is organising the race? For instance, if I was a member of Jo Blogg's club and JB organised a race in Anytown, then I would select the "affiliated" option when registering?

also, has anyone tried to enter the Julian Farrell 10k in Camberely? I can't register through Run Britain (the Camberley runners club says to do it this way) as it's not in their listing, and I tried via RW and got to the confirm details page (before entering payment details) and then the page wouldn't move on. 


  • It means being a "competing member" of a running club which is affiliated to England Athletics (or Welsh or Scottish, if appropriate).

    You will have a membership card if you are.

  • Son, you're not affiliated,

    You can not come in.

    Ah nah, ah nah.


  • Affiliated means in association or connection with an organisation. For example, if you are affiliated to the SRA (Squash Racket Association). You may not be a competitor, but a coach, which would generally be a requirement under the SRA rules.

    The same used to apply, but may have changed now, to The Amateur Athletics Association. To be a track or field judge, or to take any qualifications relative to those roles, you would need to be affiliated with the AAA.

    Its been a number of years since I was affiliated to an organisation, but that's how it used to work.

    Many race applications ask if you are affiliated to an organisation and I am not sure that if you are registered with a club you would in effect be affiliated by default through their own affiliation to an organisation.

  • Pop EYE, you have to have paid a fee of £10 to England Athletics (or Scottish or Welsh depending on where you live) in order to be affiliated in terms of running race entries.

    Your club MAY pay it for you, as part of your membership fee, but not necessarily. It may be dealt with separately, as it is in my club.

    It used to be the case that if you were a member of an affiliated club, you were affiliated automatically, but that changed several years ago.

    Anyone who is affiliated will have a card from EA (or SA or WA), in addition to any club membership card that clubs may issue.  

  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    Is it possible to become affiliated to UKA without joining a running club?

  • No - you have to join a club.

    It can be an on-line one, such as Fetch, but you can only affiliate through a club.

  • Hi  Wilkie

    I was talking about affiliation in general and 'what affilaition means', in answer to Laines question.

    Thanks for the update in todays running circles, thats interesting and good to know.

    As you say, you cannot  be affiliated without joining a club. But in some sports you do not need to be affiliated to a club to be affiliated to the organisation. This would apply to coaches, referees and other officials etc.

    Unless of course those officials themselves need to be members of clubs, i.e Boxing Referee a member of the 'Boxing Referees Club', if there such a thing.

    But as you say, to be a competitor and affiliated (in any sport) you have to be a club member.

    Your first point is 100% on the money.

    Interesting subject. image and I could be a million miles from my take on what affiliation means.

  • You are right in general, PE.  

    I replied as I did because the OP had asked what affiliated meant with reference to entering races.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    ...unless they never send you your membership card, even when you ask for it, and you have to blag your sweatshop discount by namedropping people from your club until the salespeople recognise one of them. image

  • Literatin - your membership sec will have a note of your membership number, and should chase if your card has not been received.

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    thanks Mrs Punch - I'm doing some very slow chasing at the moment, as apparently it takes 6 weeks for a 'reissue'... will rechase in a few weeks if I don't get it. But I have the membership number, so can enter races etc.

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