running with a dog!!

Any advise / comments from anyone as I'm looking to get a dog and intend to take it running with me. Can anyone recommend any type of dog that happy to do 6-8 miles a day at around 6:30 pace and can you enter races with a dog? Any advise appreciated as I'd hate to get a dog that would just stop after 15 mins running!!!



  • Maybe I have got a lazy dog but that pace looks a bit quick for most dogs. My experience is that dogs prefer more of a plod or to run rapidly but in zig zags!
  • Springer spaniels! loopy buggers i can quite happily do 9 miles and still they're as fresh as a daisy after. Plus they make great family dogs as well as working dogs etc...
  • thanks Soop. Can Springers run at that pace? or do they keep falling over their ears? Someone else has mentioned Border Collies but they tend to eat teh house if you leave them alone allday. I take it that Springers are better behaved?
  • Border Collies (sheep dogs) can run up to 80km a day. On farms at home they run like hell for 10 hrs and are still quite happy. In fact if you have one and you dont run with it they go slightly insane. BEWARE though they dont cope well with being left locked up in a back garden if no one is home. They need company
  • my two (wirehaired pointers) will happily run along with me at 7 min/mile pace.
    And no you can't run with dogs in races (well, very rarely)
  • What you need is a Lars!! Every runner should have one but this is more like a big Austrian Ape rather than a dog!! He will happily run 6-8 miles a day but can waffle on for Germany and will tell you when you are not trying!!
  • My two seem to cope ok. I run mainly off road so they are not on leads( when there is no livestock around) Half the time theyre too busy following a scent in the bushes but always catch up.

    However mine are never at home alone for more than 2 hours and they come to work with me. Like all dogs they are pack animals so need company. Whilst puppies, most will chew whatever is to hand or paw!!!
  • Lurchers - great running partners (well, mine was), could certainly outsprint me (not that that's difficult)and did well for endurance, and hounds will then just curl up at home for hours without wrecking the house (and v good with kids).

    Use an extending lead so dog is under control but not under your feet - just make sure you both go the same side of trees etc.
  • I gather there are loads in Essex - and can go that extra mile if need be!!!
  • I read once that Rhodesian Ridgebacks make the best runners...

    My lab likes it slow and steady and 5 miles maximum!
  • of course, Dalmatians were bred to run alongside carriages for hours on end
  • Just be sure to pick up the do-dos
  • Mak says: "Rescue lab/collie crosses make good running dogs. I also live with Spice, a Springer Spaniel. She's a bit crazy and tends to disappear if she is off the lead. (I'm crazy too, I really am interested in car tyres). Thats why my human friend keeps me on a lead.

    I do a few races, but I get permission from the organisers first. We always start at the back and carefully work our way up to the middle. We do rural races only.

    My PB is 1:38 for a 1/2 and 44:00 for a 10k, but I think I could go quicker if I was off the lead!

    The furthest I have ever run is 21 miles when HE was training for the FLM"
  • ORCN

    i met a rhodesian ridgeback once when out on a run. massive.
  • Soop
    how do you ensure your dogs dont bother other runners?
  • A dog that is bonded to you isn't interested in other dogs/runners. Blott black lab happily does my 7M off road run at 6 30 pace. I don't, stick to 7- 7 30 pace max but he is much faster. wire-haired pointers run & run & run but would get bored left alone for much of the day. Go for a working springer they can run for days at < 5min/mile pace & happy to be outside in comfy kennel & run while you're at work
  • yes but Sopps dogs runoff after smells

    and presumably other runners
  • No, they follow their noses after into the undergrowth after bunnies & squirrels etc. Straight past the sign that says "keep your dog on a lead to protect wildlife" Or at least Blott does. Just sniffing you understand, no harm to wildlife intended
  • runnners just don't smell that good I'm afraid
  • Im sure you dog is lovely

    but ive been badly mauleed twice

    if i see a lose dog running with no obvious owner in sight, yes im scared

    its not fair

    i would so like to run in parks and so on
  • That's terrible news hippo no wonder you're scared. I was snapped at once by a GSD but the owner responded quickly.

    Dog's like that should be on leads.

    My other lab can be a bit growly & he's kept on a lead
  • well
    i think ALL dogs should be on leads if they cant run quietly by their owners
  • I think that is fair comment
  • My two love to run. Oz can run easily up to 20km. Shani is now limited to 5km or so due to knee op, but our old Snowy (sadly deceased) did 4.30 for Frankfurt marathon - he would have been faster but was held up by Mr. IW!
    They are White Shepherds. Previously we had German Shepherds. All have been happy to run anytime, anywhere, any distance with me.

    Most medium to large dogs enjoy running, except for the very heavy breeds. Just be sure to start them out easy, and gradually increase distance just as you would yourself. Make sure you don't run them in very hot weather, and stop if they show signs of distress, and you'll have many years of happy running with your 4-footed companion. I haven't trained without a dog for 20 years!
  • Knee op?

    oooooh dear

    thank you blotts mate
  • Koney: Mak and Spice express deep regret for your bad dog experiences. When they are out running they are quite focussed on just that.

    On the few occasions they race they have only one aim, and thats to be running at the front.

    With Mak it means he takes off like a Scud missile for the first mile before he slows a bit, then we run side by side.

    On club runs they think we are just one big pack of dogs out for a run.

    And when we train together its fun too. I'm afraid some may think I'm a bit unhinged 'cos I chat to them while we are out.

    Take heed of Ironwolf's comments about increasing milage and particularly hot weather.
  • No thats fine

    but its those loose dogs who bound up to you

    and do their owners care
    "hes just playing"

  • parks are forbidden places

    dont start me on dog poo
  • Beautiful looking dogs IRONWOLF. Never seen a white shepherd before. Are they fairly common?

    Thanks for all reply's. Looks like best option could be collie/ lab cross or a springer. Now to search out Rescue centres to try and find a cute one.


  • Ran up Lake District once and was amazed how well behaved dogs off leads were - not one took any notice of us, yet down South here, they come charging up to us even when we slow down to a walk, and owners let them, consequently there are certain places we avoid now.
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