TR24 2014

Anyone else running solo in the TR24 this weekend? Looks like the weather will be a little cooler which should help but I am still hoping to find some ice there image

Last year I ended up in a support role after an accident and the atmosphere in the camp was brilliant. Really looking forward to running it this year image



  • TR24 2014!! Now that's forward planning! image

    We've got a couple of Pirate teams entered, so should be there from Friday afternoon onwards. And yep - hope it cools down a bit by then!!

  • Yep, solo for me. Hope there is no thunder though!

  • Damn - meant 2013 image

    My wife and I are both running solo which will be great. The forecast looks OK I think. Bit muggy with some summer showers to cool us off. Really looking forward to it. Woop woop!!!

  • I'll be there solo too! Yup looks like it'll be a bit cooler than recent weather thank gawd! Hoping my achilles injury holds out til then end. Good luck all and see u there image

  • Awesome image We'll be in the cheap grey-green pop-up tent next to a silver Honda CV-sport if anyone wants to pop by and say hi. Always nice to put a face to the post.

  • Nice1 Herbfit. I'm borrowing a tent... apparently it's flowery... i did not know this! At least i'll be able to find it again when my brain has gone to goo.

    My running club (lliswerry) will have a massive compound set up as we have loadsa teams, but i'll be in the solo compound with all the other grunts image

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Will see you there Superglue - I'm solo too image Not intending putting up my tent or unpacking the chair until 12:00pm on Sunday!

  • Nice1 GeeeM will see u there. I'm there from Friday afternoon so i can get up set up and enjoy a good bbq. Can't see me using my tent or bed much tho, apart from Friday night that is.

  • You are hardcore GeeeMimage

    We have just discovered that we can fold down all the seats in the Honda to turn it into a giant sleeping area - may not need a tent either. Hoping not to have to stop too much but a little kip in the night might be necessary - and a chair is a must image

    Looking forward to cooking tomorrow. Taking Quinoa and Lentil salad, Pasta and roasted veg, crispy salted tofu, humous, pittas, nut butter - this is a picnic with a little run attached right?

  • I'm trying very hard not to treat the whole weekend as a Jolly... i think it might end badly if too many beers are consumed Friday night....

  • Do you have a target in mind Mr Boots? No laps not beers I meanimage

  • It was 18, but i'm carrying an injury, so gonna see how i last.

    I know GeeeM if ur going well, you'll be similar if not more...!?

    How about yourself Herbfit? So much is gonna rely on weather and what happens on the day i think.

  • I'll play it by ear. My wife ran it last year and did 10 laps (we were going to run as a mixed pair and aim for 10 each but I got in a car accident so she went solo). I think she would like to top that this year and I will cling on for dear life to keep upimage

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Yeah - 18 is about right as my "A" target image I did 100 miles at Run24 last year in 21:45, but am coming into this on tired legs so - who knows... I make 16 laps 99.4 miles officially, so 17+ is the gold standard!

    Did TR24 in 2011 and got it all wrong, my nutrition strategy was hideous, (eat loads at the end of each lap). Spent too much time at the car and also had to have a 6-hour kip to sleep off the excess food. Manged 12 laps though image

    Run24 last year was different, minimal time stopping to refuel and no temptation of chairs and tents! I basically just grabbed some water/food and kept on going - made loads of difference, but I think there's still room for improvement.

    18 laps, say 5-minutes stop each lap = 90 minutes. That's an extra lap at walking pace...! If I can I'll park backed-up to the course, so will only need a few seconds to grab some supplies from the boot and keep going.


  • Good advice there Geeem, I'm over thinking my strategy and who knows what Im going to eat as always have to wait some time normally after eating before I run cos I feel too full. What did /do you plan to grab at the end of each lap that is sufficient to keep you going? I've only done this event in a team before and never run an ultra although it will be 11th marathon this year. Always rely on gels but suspect they aren't going to be very appealing after 15 hrsimage No idea how many laps I'll complete, this is toe dipping into ultra territory before I go for a point to point or circular biggy.

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    I try for 300 calories / hour split into 2*150 calories, or 3*100 calories. e.g.

    150 calories looks like, (I'm taking all of these items!)

    • A can of Coke
    • A gel (100) + half a banana (50)
    • Small potion of nuts / trail mix
    • 3 custard creams
    • 2 fig rolls
    • A pot of rice pudding
    • Small bag of mini cheddars
    • Small bag of pork scratchings
    • 1/3 of a flapjack

    You get the idea image At the car I'll grab something savoury and more "bulky" which can be eaten on the-go, and then stuff some rations for the lap... I'll also probably wear a lightweight pack which will further cut down my need to refuel at the car!

    I guess my advice would be to start early on the savoury/real food - don't wait until you're sick of it. Little and often is key, use the hills to refuel - there's a hilly section 1km from the start/finish, so load up, jog there and use that bit to eat! Likewise with the hill after the water station at halfway!

    Don't overthink it - your body will tell you what you should be eating, as soon as you start feeling sick of gels / sweet stuff - change it up... It'll be too late otherwise and no-one likes a "Chunder Runner" image

  • Cheers bud, all of that looks do-able in terms of digestion etc..not sure about Pork scratchings..that may have to be replaced with crisps! I may need some moral support..I am 5 ft, female and skinny and ..scared! Will have last year's TR24 Buff on head or blue baseball hat should you wish to give me a 'hi'. Any other advice gratefully received. Do you do the usual marathon carb loading job or is this a different approach due to constant intake of food over 24 hours.

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Will keep a look out for you brer - as you'll know TR24 is a really friendly event and there's always someone to chat to image

    Crisps work too - I like cheesy Doritos, yum! Pork scratchings are high fat, low carb and nice and salty which can make a nice change from sweet stuff...

    Personally, I don't carb load for anything and live a fairly low-carb life, (less than 100g/day) I'll use carbs to keep me going - I know I crash hard after about 3 hours/20 miles unless I keep them topped-up. 

    Carb loading is all about giving you that extra bit of liver glycogen to see you over "the wall" in a marathon, (commonly around 20 miles). Let's just say I'll be jumping, climbing, scrambling and crawling over a lot of walls this weekend. Whenever things start getting really tough, some nice refined carbs, (Jaffa Cakes) normally seem to pick me up!

    Now really isn't the time to try anything too radically new, so I'd just eat normally until the gun goes at noon on Saturday, then start thinking of food as fuel - little and often!

    Just done my last 5-miler before Saturday, kit is all laid out and food bought. Now, i just need to exercise some restraint and stop nibbling at the supplies. See you all on Saturday!

  • I've decided i'm not going to take any food now, i'm just going to use ur car GeeeM as a CPimage

    I've just found out my tent is spotty not flowery, so that's an improvement... So i'll be the one with a spotty tent!

  • lol Superglue boots, will look out for your spots!

    Thanks again GeeeM, just off for final 5 miles now then off to Physio to see if she can put me back togetherimage

  • Hi Guys, 

    What's the on site catering like?

    What type of food and is the quality ok?




  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

     Hi Graham, catering is basic - pasta, baked potatoes, baguettes etc. sort of stuff you'd expect runners to eat really... bacon sandwiches in the morning!

    The quality is basic, the main problem is queuing at peak times. In 2011 it took me 20 minutes to get some pasta at 10pm, it may have changed now though. I hear on good authority that there was a chip van last year too, which I intend to take advantage of!

    For your amusement, here's my blog with some random thoughts on Strategy, scratchings and spreadsheets!

    you may laugh now, but wait until you start craving pork scratchings at 3am on Sunday morning image

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Wow... I guess most of you are on Fetch - but for any that aren't here's what happened to me.

    Superglue... Hope the chafing has subsidedimage will look you up on FB so expect a friends request.

  • Well that didn't go to plan...

    Felt dreadful all day in the heat, stomach cramps, little niggles... toughed it out thro 6 laps in about 8hrs, still on target for 18. Just as i was starting to feel good after the weather cooling (my legs felt great my head was fine), changed out of compression shorts, chose the wrong loose fitting shorts, then got caught in the thunder storm, got soaked through and did 1 lap, got the worst chafing i'd ever had... game over.

    Went out for my 8th lap, after changing back into fresh compression shorts and wet weather gear and head torch ready to go thro the night, but unfortunately the damage was done and it was just to painful to even walk quickly let alone trying to run. Very frustrating, esp' as I stupidly messed up my own race!

    Coupled with the fact that on Saturday morning i couldn't face the shower queues and just washed outside my tent with a bottle of water... i know exactly where i went wrong!

    I'm calling it ManChafing, as it sounds worse like ManFlu.

    I hope ur well too GeeeM, good seeing you there. I'll check out ur blog image

  • Good blog GeeeM, sums it up nicely.

    I'm taking the positves out of it... ie. I learnt a lesson, I feel fine and recovered already, and will back out for a race this evening image

  • Good blog GeeeM - pretty much bang on!

    Hi Superglue Boots! Think I ran with you briefly on one of the laps. Sorry to hear about the chafing - ouch. Weather was so extreme that it was difficult to know what to wear.

  • Superglue - i can relate about the chafeing. Some horrendous smelly bleeders have come up when you miss a spot. However, I have found covering them with some kinesio tape or rock tape after they have occurred has turned the unbearable into unnoticeable very quickly. Worth having a roll of it in your kit bag for the future image

  • Great blog GeeeM.

    Superglue prevent womanchaffing ! I got through an entire pot of vaseline and it was indeed a case of thinking quick about next set of kit after each downpour. I managed 11 laps and had time to go out and do another but had run out of any kit fit for purpose!

    Results out now at last and I came 5th, very pleased for first attempt at ultra marathoning

  • Cheers all, some good advice. Gonna get some rock tape i think, for such emergencies. The key in future will be not to change out of my compression shorts! As i did the TP in some and didn't change the whole time and didn't have any problems at all, and it was wet that day too.

    Hi RunnyRunRun, who were you then, cos i chatted to so many people on the way round to try and disctract myself hehe.

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