Knock, knock, knocking on RW's door

Just attempted to enter a few of the myriad complaint threads that have been created just this afternoon (there was one new one in addition to all of the others when I left for work at 1.30pm, we're now in to the teens of complaints).  Unfortunately they all come up with the "oops" statement - way to trivialise it, RW - yet I can access other non complaint related threads with ease.

Now, call me a cynic, but..... I'm a conspiracy theorist at heart.

And for the record, RW, I've moved back to Fetch and several other running forums that I haven't frequented in some time because RW is now becoming impossible to use, certainly not with any confidence or consistency.  I suspect I'm not the only one, I know for a fact you're getting a slating on Facebook and Twitter.  In addition, someone earlier today commented on the fact that clubs are losing confidence in the site as a place to advertise their races.  Are you sure you want to lose that revenue as well as that of your subscribers?

I would write a stern letter to the magazine but I'd bet my last Rolo that it wouldn't get aired.


  • itsw not just the complaint ones..........the majority of threads are giving the mesage........

    I remmeber this happening a few years ago when they were trying to fix thingsimage

  • I think its all to do with the Royal baby ...

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