Just bought some Huarache from Xeroshoes.co.uk

I really fancied a change. So I bought some running sandals. I didn't think I'd jump on the bandwagon but I have. Although the bandwagon seems to have bolted according to some things I have been reading that minimalist shoes sales are down.

I know their are hundreds of threads on here about 'barefoot running' and minimalist shoes, but not much about running sandals. I was just curious if anybody else out there runs in sandals?

Don't slate me too much as I am still very surprised why I have done this lol I am not expecting to run Ultra's but I run a mile to and from work each day and just thought it would be quite nice to make them runs a little more different and not wasted miles


  • Won't you get little stones, grit and bits of soil lodged betwen the sandal and your foot?  It irritates me even ealking in sandals or flip flips, I couldn't imagine running in them!

  • Hi Vicar there is a guy on here called B2B - he mainly posts in Starting again from the beginning -


    He has recently done the North Dwons Way 50 miles, the race to the Stones 100k all in sandals - he is a mine of information - I am sure he would be happy to hear from a fellow sandaler!!

  • Grendel you are a scholar and a gentleman I will have a looksy

  • The name of those sandals always reads "ear-ache" tol me when I first look at it!

  • Lol. Went for my first run. Needs a few tweeks but very happy image Thought my calves would be dying but feels quite good

  • Vic, if you want to build-up your calves, you should jump on the next bandwagon (that I am inventing) - high-heeled running shoes!!  They tone the calves and you can look elegant when you run.  They are uncomfortable and take getting used to, just like barefoot shoes!

    Seriously, it's gonna be all the rage!!  imageimage

  • Lol I thought the bandwagon had gone and barefoot running is old hat. I always wait for it to finish i'm always behind the times image

  • Looking at the Sportshoes.com catologue, it seemed to me that minamalist footwear was on the increase; there's loads of new ones out.

    I read somewhere that running in hurraches was noisy (slap slap slap slap) and that when it's wet your foot slips about in them.  Last year it never seemed to stop raining, so I didn't bother.

    I do run totally barefoot around a grassed track though, about once-a-week, just to strengthen my feet; it feels good too.  It took me about 6 months to be able to fully transition to minamalist footwear, though I did take it easy; so maybe it could be done faster.

    I look forward to reading your progress with the sandals.

  • The first thing I have noticed is running on grass or trails in the Huarache is heaven, its really a pleasure to run in them, on the road though my form goes all over the place.But I think I know what I need to do to help this. Up my cadence a bit and try not let my legs get away from me image

  • Morning Vicar - these sound/look interesting. Do your feet move about on the foot beds much or are they held firmly by the cords? I'm not running at the moment but when I do re-start I could be tempted to give it a go.
  • Oh dear Peter welcome to the dark side.

    Bearing in mind I have only run maximum of about 4 miles in total in these bad boys. My initial thoughts are.... They seem to not move about aslong as you manage to tie them right. Now their are a million different ways to tie them, so its trial and error to what works for you. I watched a clip on youtube last night and thought ah 'he's tied them like that' so I tried this morning and got on quite well with them. Yes it does rub between your toes but already I can feel the sandal settling down. Don't expect to do anything more than a mile or 2 in them to begin with as your whole running style has to change massively. I find myself moving at 10 minute pace with 180 steps a minute! Your legs are working ina circular motion, it really takes some working to get it right. So it is not easy. Running on soft track or grass is an absolute pleasure but doing mega mileage on roads I think would be very difficult early on.

    So yeah they stay in place and the fun is the trial and error of finding whats best for you, you can customise them so much. I have one hole between my big toe and the one next to it to hold it in place but other people whack another hole in to make it more secure etc. Its a bloody bizarre feeling but I genuinely seem to be getting on quite well with them image

  • Thanks Vicar, I normally wear support shoes as I have classic inherited flat feet (mind you, they kept my grandad off the front line so not all bad!). I've been walking around the house barefoot all the time for a while just trying to strengthen my feet so these sound a possibility as the next "step". It is much nicer not having shoes on - although I do find my Brooks very comfortable I like the idea of the freedom and the removal of the weight of shoes. And it could save a fortune in socks alone!

    Keep the updates coming!
  • Day 3 of wearing sandals image

    Again was on youtube this morning looking at different ways. Tried a new way this morning and its made things so so much better than even before. So much more secure. Whats also happened is that I have relaxed wearing them. Im not curling my toes up and I have started to trust them a lot more. Also I have upped my cadence to 180 and this has now made running on concrete no worries. I went to do a mile in them thismorning and everything seemed to come together and I done 3. Without any pain anywhere and the knee injury I have been suffering with the last 2 weeks just isnt causing any jip.

    Still very happyimage

  • Right,

    Just ran a Half Marathon in these bad boys on Friday. After 4 days of wearing them. I didn't have a problem whatsoever. I am  not going to say they are super comfortable because I am not completely used to running 13 miles near enough bare foot. However I never got a stone stuck in them or stubbed my toe or the lace rubbing image The only thing I did change was when I got home I got the pliers out and squashed the knot under the huarache so it was a little more flat. Only mishap was that I dropped my GU over my feet and stuck my toes to the sandal image

    I ran on roads and trails and it was quite wet too. Just had to keep telling myself to correct my form and to keep my cadence up.

    Only thing is next day my calves were screaming at me. But thats to be expected. I think these are going to be my new shoes from now on and I will be running the Salisbury 54321 50k in them in 2 weeks image

  • Good stuff Vicar. The interesting bit though was where you said "I am not completely used to running 13 miles" followed up by "I will be running the Salisbury 54321 50k in them in 2 weeks". This sounds rather ambitious and I'm not referring to the sandals!
  • Lol, yeah. It is but thats what makes it all so exciting. It will kill me image I have 2 weeks to get used to them. I can run a 50k in normal shoes, I know I can do that. But weather permitting I will start in Sandals and i'll tie my trainers to my pack and just see how far I can go. This weekend I'll do a 15 miler then a 7 the next day as I have quite a slow week before and event. If I get through that then I will definitely take them. One of the main reasons being is that I've been having quaite bad knee problems and wearing the sandals I don't have that. So it's a toss up of wearing trainers and perhaps having knee problem flair up of going in sandals and just seeing what I can do.

    When I said I am not completely used to running 13 miles I meant in sandals...sorry image

  • That makes more sense now! Good luck! Great to hear that the sandals are settling in so quickly. I haven't committed yet but it remains a possibility.
  • I got to say they will not be verybody's cup of tea but I just stick with things to the bitter end lol

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