Talkback: Nutrition review: Post-run

....or just have some normal food - like milk, or eggs, or fish.....


  • My missus has started doing bananna smoothies in the mornings, which happen to coincide with my runs. Soya milk, frozen bananas, honey, ground almonds and cinamon. Not a clue if it's good or not but it tastes nice and cools me down!

  • Mmmmm!!!!! image     Can I marry your wife. image

    Sounds great and I would say it is good for you.

    I used to have a smoothy after a run, as I found before was to much before, thats unless you take the smoothy an hour or so before.

    Feedback on this would be good.

  • Wot Nick said.

  • Same here

    I just have a milk shake the ones beginning with fr I can't spell when I can, anything including mcdononds when I can't get hold of them.

  • Even a peanut butter sandwich works as a post-run snack. No need for all this synthesized protein gunk. 

  • Pre run - a pint of or two of water! Normaly chomp a bit of homemade granola too YUM!

    post run - a yazoo chocolate milkshake and a good solid meal of 50% card 50% protein 


  • Carb* 

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