The wall!!!

Did the "sherwood pines 10k",started out great,but at halfway I just stopped,felt rubbish,struggled and sorry if anybody running passed heard me swearing at myself! Walked a bit and got going again and did over min "pb" but not happy and can't work out what went wrong!!!  



  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi Scott, did you go out too fast or put too much pressure on yourself?

    If I get carried away at the start I'm struggling towards the end.

    Sorry cannot be of any more help.
  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a pacing issue

    What time were you aiming for?

    What pace did you run the first five k ?
  • That does sound odd. Hitting the Wall usually means running very low on glycogen but unless you were running fasted I don't see why that could happen on a 10K. Sounds like you might have set out too hard and burnt up or perhaps have a virus.

  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    I've found glugging away on a sports drink (full of sugar) in the time leading up to a race will guarantee a terrible run.

    Sods up your blood sugar levels a treat.

  • don't worry scott , its happened to m lots of times , u just got to keep going !! u did great !!

  • Thank you to all,I think I may have gone out a bit to fast but I did feel good before hand so though I would be ok! But I am now off work today ,very tired,no energy ,slept  on and off till 11am and I normally start work at 6am! Got "notts half" next so want to get back training but not I fel like it!

  • Scott it was very hot and humid a little further north where I was at the weekend so might have been a factor there as well. You still fineshed mate so well done. image

  • thanks all

  • Hi scott ,u seem very hard on yourself ,don't be , every run isn't going to be the best ever !!! when I train sometimes its a good session and sometimes not , running is the same , put it to bed ,move on from there and look forward to the Notts half. U will be brilliant !!

    U sound a bit down which can effect stamina etc , imagerunning will lift you, push stress to the side , ,get those trainers on and do it !!!!

    6am is an early start !!!!

  • Hello. Yes i am hard on myself!  Always want to do better,quicker and faster, but at 41 I forget I'm not 20 anymore! Haha. 

    Only started running 18/20 months ago but want to do well always! 

    Out tonight hooray,short run in the rain so feel better ( casey 2, you were right thanks) 

    yeah 6am start but finish at 2pm! 

  • Did you not realise 41 is the new 31 image ? As Nike says Just do it .............

    You obviously have the bugfitness its so important  lol  ,

    18/20 months ? and you are running half marathons , be proud lol very proud .....

    Its good in the rain, snow maybe not so good image 

    2pm is good , make sure you get plenty of sleep though ,body needs to recover especially starting at that time .

    Kick stress in to touch with a good run and a smiley face image


  • good week,out wed,thur,Friday and today (Sunday) so feel better.

    work Monday then away till Friday on holiday 

  • Excellent , have a super time , enjoy ur holiday, sleep and relax LO imageimageDrink wine or lager or beer lol chill

    Get those legs working when you get back,notts half not that far away ...........


  • Yeah off to north York moors with wife and son,so good times. And yes to lager and red wine.

    i am read in my head for notts half so that me half way there! 

    Off out again now with my son,he needs to training as got 2weeks off "nova" (notts swim squad) but need to keep his fitness up.

  • Sounds perfect !!! Havent ever done the Moors, hope fully the weather will hold for you.Red wine lol have one or 2 for me please

    Obviously a very fit family imageonly me here , sometimes hard to keep motivated , club keeps me motivated ...........

  • image

    Keep going as it's worth it . 

  • Well that was all getting weird and think its odd that poeple are watching threads! its a bit sad! image

    How you doing? 

  • You keep popping up when i least expect you to image

  • They need to get out more !!!

  • Haha hello you image

  • They are odd!

  • see there u are again imageimage

  • I don't want to put anything on to personal on the thread incase they spot it



  • Ok let me think image

  • How long do u need ? ur tongue is out lol

  • haha well it can't be ”tongue” unless you want that? 

  • I always want that .............image

  • I'd do some training if I were you.

  • I don't remember asking you ?

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