The wall!!!



  • Oh, sorry I didn't 't realise that I was in your bedroom and that this was a closed forum.

  • You should go back to counting , am sure its much more interesting than what I am doing image

  • Besides which Casey , you are not the OP.

    i am saying to Scott that:

    a) he has not hit the wall.

    b) running iis not easy And requires training

    c) he needs to do some

    If this guy is serious about becoming a runner, he needs to stop asking everyone else why he can't do it and start doing it.

    as the ad says "Just do it"

    However, under no circumstances should you attempt top walk let alone run in anything made by Nike.


  • What are you doing Casey?  You are almost as sensitive as NLR.

  • Sad Casey, perhaps?


  • Wow big is the chip on ur shoulder ?


    Its good to see and hear positive and helpful comments from a friendly runner image

  • No no not sad at all , positive, friendly , helpful and maybe a little bit funny ha ha of course ....

    I try not to be unpleasant to people I don't know ...

  • Really?  Don't youthinkpeople need to know the truth.

  • Depends on what the truth is ?  I don't go out to hurt people , everyone needs a bit of help in running , even me , and probably u image

  • Posters 2-6 I know.

    So who are you and what in your own words are you "doing"?

  • I have not got the faintest idea what you are talking about , ur much to intelligent for me to understand image


    If you want to ask me a question then just ask


    PS I am Casey

  • wow what have missed? that looks a bit heavy! 

    You are all helping me and its nice to flirt also image

  • Hello U , good to hear from u image


    I think he is a bit jealous .........and very strange , i honestly couldnt say anything correct ,


    And flirt oh yeeeeeeeee


    It makes the world go round



  • forget about him and flirt with me image

  • Would love to flirt with you image

  • So isn't flirting on a public forum where you don't know the first thing about each other, what they look like, how old they are etc a bit... weird?


  • ok go for it image

  • I give up image


    I get tired of trying to explain myself to the likes of matty whatever his name is .

  • I did catch a thread where people are counting backwards NOW thats weird

  • There's weird stupid, and there's weird creepy. What if one of you is 14 and the other is 40. Is that classed as the same level as weird?! Next thing you know the forum is shut down for grooming!

  • Thats enuff now .......

  • I think its all the same person TBH.....
  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    There's nothing wrong with being over 40 you know!


    Now then, who wants some sweets?  image

  • (puts hand up)
  • So Mattywar , any remarks on Phil Pub and Cougie ? i find them quite funny lol


    Or is it just me ur attacking ?


    thanks Phil P and Cougie u have put a smile on my face




  • I don't think I attacked anyone, just posted an opinion that the whole flirting thing that's occurring on so many different threads is a bit weird for two strangers on a public forum.

    Because, as strangers, you don't know each other from Adam and are faceless handles on the inter web. And weird stuff happens on the inter web.
  • I totally agree with you strange things do happen , seems to me though you have double standards , u have no issue on the comments above but have an issue with flirting ? i don't get it .......

    The guys comments did make me smile .

  • We'll firstly, either you, or Scott may not be entirely truthful about your ages or genders or personal situations.

    In a situation where 'anonymous' flirting is taking place it should always be treated with care by both people.

    I don't have an issue with anything just pointing out that it could be a bit unsafe.

    The fact that you are being so defensive about it is ringing alarm bells too!
  • I am not defensive , and i take your advice on board ......a lot of what you say makes sense , except you talk about web being unsafe , and then you talk about me  being defensive .



  • I'm saying it makes it sound like you aren't who you say you are.

    But I don't really care any more. One thing I will point out though is there is a "Private Message" function in these forums where you can speak to each other without attracting interest.


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