Ben, I've just had a brilliant idea that can help salvage the ruins of your 'online editor' career.

Have a quick word with the 'tech guys' (and I use the term very very loosely), and get them to put a magazine subscription advert on the "Ooops" common error page, and bingo instantly thousands of hits, and you are bound to pick up loads of new customers for the magazine, and then go and tell your bosses that it was all a fantastically cunning marketing ploy.

No, its OK, don't thank me, you can have that one for free !



  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi Bruce, whilst this is a great idea for RW to get more business, I don't think it will inspire the IT guys to fix this forum any quicker
  • Seems like it's fixed now.

  • Bruce

     You need to share your insider knowledge of how you know that ben 's career is in ruins.....

    I have no idea of what his full duties are and what his job description is......but i would be loathe to tell someone that there career is in ruins just because the tech guys muck up the forum again........they have done this many many times in the past before Ben ever arrived and I'm sure they will continue to do it in the future......


  • Seren, it was a (slightly) tongue in cheek refernce to the current state of the website at the time.

    However now that you mention it, I shouldn't imagine his handling of the situation will make it on to his 'online editor' CV or be bought up as shining examples of pro-activity in any performance reviews will it,


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