Hey Meldy - how come you can post on A NonymousDF3's thread

Title says it all really image


  • Who knows ....  his theory was to go in via the front page rather than the last page but I am getting random Ooopsies  ..  which is rather Frank Spencer-esque

  • Other people are posting on threads that I cant get into and some of them I have posted in previously and others I havent

    What larks !

  • Well I've just been watching a bloke get nicked for drink driving right outside my house.

    It was very entertaining but I can't rely on it happening every night image

  • Thanks - will try that


    I wonder if the cat's done an oopsie in Ben's beret?

  • That technique I think only works on threads where there are more than 1 page of responses (well it works on Bens thread anyway) ...... I still cant get into any threads that throw the Oops page, if they only have 1 page worth of responses.
  • The thread also needs to be on the front page of course!

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