Does anyone have any news on the 'club kit' ??


Was hoping to get a vest to the USA before Christmas..... :o(


  • Predicted delivery date: December 2014
  • Was hoping to get Sweatshirt before Thanet 10 next week.

    From the last posting they were at the printers (hence the sweatshirts being printed in error). As for when they are being delivered well????

    FOXY ???
  • LOL thanks Jon!! :o)

    Guess if I work to that date anything else will be a bonus!!!

  • Bounce....
  • I thought I saw a message saying they had been delivered and were being mailed out to us approx. 3 weeks ago?

  • LOL
    I saw that one too......
  • Perhaps I'm being unrealistic expecting my vest to be with me yet.

    I only ordered it more than 5 months ago, my cheque was cashed nearly 3 months ago, and the kit was going to be despatched to us nearly a month ago.

    I know Foxy is busy, but a joke is a joke.
  • listen you lot

    I get sick of you all knocking other people, It does take a long time for kit to be delt with, our suppliers put minimum order constraints on us. It therefore can take a long time to get orders up to the required level. When we get to that level the order takes a further 4 weeks minimum to come through. Then the Kit Sec, when the order comes through, has to sort it all package it and post it to you. They do it out of the kindness of there hearts, I can assure you that the kit will be with you as soon as possible, but if you keep going on like this then we will have a worse problem than a slow kit system, LOOKING FOR A NEW KIT SEC, you make it a very unattractive position with this constant badgering.
  • Rant over
  • Thanks for that Bobby.

    Personally I think we have been very patient. There have been ofers of help with the kit on another thread.

    Biggest gripe is the lack of feedback.
  • understood SP, I suppose i just feel a lot of sympathy for Foxy, and having put the website together and had some teething problems i know what it feels like.
  • Bob, Skidpan's right, we have been patient and will be patient a while longer if we can see a conclusion to this. But, whatever the circumstances, enough's enough. We can sit here and suffer in silence or we can make our points.

    We know that this is a friend doing the work in spare time as a favour but somethings got to happen soon. If distribution is a problem some of us can help, I drive around the country a lot and could help (difficult to complain if not prepared to muck in). Equally, there have been plenty of races where 90% of the kit could have been distributed.
  • Guys.. in defence of Foxy, in the last three weeks, she has moved house and job ... normal sevrice will be resumed asap..
  • c'mon guys - lay off Foxy a bit - she is going through difficult personal circumstances as has been explained on another thread about this. very frustrating agreed, but this is a voluntary job and some give and take is needed.
  • Well, perhaps if she'd like the slack, then she should LET PEOPLE KNOW what's going on. Rather than saying one thing and going all quiet.
  • Barkles. That's exactly the kind of feedback that would help us understand the delays. Would have been useful to know that 3 weeks ago, not now.

    Without wanting to be pushy, when is 'asap'? Are we talking this side of Christmas (would be really useful) or are we talking about January?
  • I'm sure this side of xmas is correct timescale..hang in there guys..
  • It is accepted that FOXY is going through a hard time and we all wish the best for her. Its just that she could have delegated this task to someone so that she could concentrate on her and the family which is far more important, and by doing so would remove an added bit of stress from her life. When things improve she would then be in a position to pick up the mantle and carry on.

    I am sure everyone would agree we do not want to add any more burden onto her life than she already has and at the end of the day we are all one big happy family and therefore are all there to help each other... sometimes you just have to ask.

    Swiss see you tonight... I am wearing FLM 2002 reject fleece with FLM 2002 reject shirt!
  • Working on it...
  • ok.. jssut spoken to Her Foxiness... should be with you soon...relax chaps...
  • Thanks Barkles.
  • Thanks B :o)
  • Blimey.... I was just about to put an order in for a vest, but am wondering if this might be a bad time ;D or should I chance my arm?

    By the way folks.... I'm running in the Barbados Marathon 2003 in a weeks time. Anyone got any tips for running in 30c (apart from the obvious one...drink like a fish!)

  • Quite likely a bad time Topps - we need certain quantities before there's a print run (or whatever it's called) and yours is probably one of the first. As many of the regulars already have the kit, it may take a while to build up to a full set.

    Just my opinion, there might be a rush.
  • Ummm OK, thats a shame. I'll just have to be patient. Actually, you never know, they may have over ordered or something - I might ask.

  • F may have spares of some sizes.....

  • Topps...what size???/
  • I have a 40" chest so I guess medium?
  • ..may wanna go up a bit....say 42??

    I'll ask her.....

  • Barkles regards the point earlier with FLM acceptance letters being released this week there may be a rush for the next order. Do you guys want any help. I am sure that URWFRC City and SE London can give you all a hand with mailing etc. (Snoops, Andy, JJ, Pathfinder, Me, Fliss, Flipper, Slowpoke, SEYHOS, Snail + hangers on Jim the Plum (only when pub is involved I hasten to add!)
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