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howdy all.

i am sure most of you by now realise i am new to this and thus have not alot of knowledge so do you care to impart some my way?

Looking at getting a turbo trainer this year to use through the winter but really would like some tips / hints / reccomendations on what to go for.

i have never been near one in my life and i suppose the key question is the cost jump worth it compared to say the £150 to £250 models?




  • H0NKH0NK ✭✭✭

    when I chose mine my main consideration was noise as I wanted to use it in the house. this one had some good reccomendations on this site and was what I ended up with, it does the job just fine.


  • Yes. For £250ish you could get a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine. Then get yourself onto trainerroad, use the virtualpower feature and embrace the pain!

  • I should add that I actually have the one Honk is on about. It's good for the money. I used a KK when I had my retul fit and the difference in feel was night and day! If you can afford it I would get a KK (having said that, the elite one above is one of the best cheap ones)

  • yeah noise is important to me as well for early morning use whilst disturbing family.

    there is just loads of choice out there!

    also need a bike computer as dont have one of them at the moment and figure i wont have a clue how far i have gone on a trainer as my mobile app wont work - which would knacker my MPH image

  • If you want a bike conputer I would look at cateye ones. There are lot's of different model's out there but they are relieable and small.

    If it's just for the torbo I would just get a cheap'un from anywhere and stick it on your back wheel. Some turbo's have them build in but raise the price of them a lot for what you get.

  • also do you need a training wheel? is that due to just friction?

  • If you are going to use the turbo a lot a wheel is a good idea. Because of the difference in the turbo instead of the road if you use your road tryes it can much them up. If you can't afford a turbo tire or if you are not planning on using it that much (why do you want to buy one if not?) it's not the end of the world.

    Just your back tire will need changing quicker than it would normally. It is due to friction and basically you will end up with a lot of wear on the rubber.

  • just seems a ball ache to be switching between the two as i dont have a spare back tire.


    wish i was minted! and fit!



  • I bit the bullet last year after years of faff and just got a spare back wheel and gear set. Was worth it but know I would get years of use out of it. I wouldn't worry to much about it unless you plan of using a turbo for years to come. All it mean's is you will ahve to replace your back tire more often and it's a good idea to get a new one next year anyway when the snow goes away and your rocking on the bike. image

  • Were not having a winter this year as we had 2 last year image

  • image

    sack all this talk of turbo trainers off then.

    Saved myself a few quid - sure i can find another tri related item that i must have

  • Tri bike will have a turbo tyre added after the last race of the season, then it will sit on the turbo till next April, road bike will be used for all weekend road cycles in that time, and I will turbo alot in the dark mornings and evenings image


  • Hi all, I'm also planning a winter turbo upgrade, all directions point to Kurt Kinetic from those I know who do a lot of turbo.

    Have yet to try the Rock and Roll, I know people rave about it, but its a lot of $$ for a turbo! Anyone out there use the KK Rock and Roll version?

  • alright money bags badger! image

  • not exactly... road bike cost £300, perfect for winter training

  • thinking about it i have some old tyres which came with my road bike so i could always use them on the back for the turbo.

    practically paying for itself already

    just seems a pain to have to switch around everytime its rank outside - it would be the case where i set the turbo up with my bike and then leave it for 3 /4 months.

    or flip side getting up and finding the weather is nice and then having to spend 45 mintues switching everything around.


  • I have the same turbo as honk, it gets used all year round in my house with both of us training and having kids, its the only way we can fit the training in! 

    dont bother getting a turbo tyre, a cheap nasty one does just as well.( had this tyre  for 2 years and its still fine)

  • @FF - they are expensive but I will be upgrading to the KK RR this winter for definite. They do hold their value very well on the 2nd hand market if that's any help.

    Like others, I just use an old training wheel for my turbo and I just use old tyres (that are no longer good for the road) on it. It's a great (and more env. friendly?) way of eeking every last drop of usage out of a tyre. 

  • popsiderpopsider ✭✭✭

    With the tyres some people find their turbo chews tyres up and some (inc. me) don't - maybe wait and see how you go.

     I probably wouldn't use my race wheels and tyres on the turbo but a couple of times a week over winter on some cheaper tyres may be ok Just to use them on road and turbo.

    If you plan to useit in the house then get the quietest you can and a massive fan - you will be compromising your training without a fan as you'll feel like youbare working harder than you are - plusit helps prevent the sweat that can wreck bike components.  

  • UltimateBadger wrote (see)

    @FF - they are expensive but I will be upgrading to the KK RR this winter for definite. They do hold their value very well on the 2nd hand market if that's any help.

    Cheers, I hadn't thought of the 2nd hand market for a KK RR - my old turbo is too rusted up to even consider a resale, but is not of the same quality... Will take a look after the summer.

  • D0MD0M ✭✭✭

    I got a Cycleops trainer, plus training mat and riser block, rrp of £350+, for £74 off ebay.  It had been used just once and was mint.  Guy said it was too noisey in his flat.  Keep an eye out.  Just the sort of item people buy with good intensions and hardly use.

  • Final RVFinal RV ✭✭✭

    I flogged my Cycleops mag trainer online a week ago and threw in the riser for £75 having bought a Tacx VR thing on fleabay the week before with a few DVDs.  I can recommend Trainer Road, for $10 a month through the winter it's ace.

  • if anyone has got a turbo they dont use or want then i would happily take it off there hands.

    been looking on ebay and havent found anything eve vaguely cheap second hand image

  • Budjude keep looking I bet within a week or so someone will be clearing out there garage.

  • Decathlon do a good one with great reviews, can't remember the name but they fly off the shelf, I went to get one earlier this year but the kept selling out, I still haven't got one yet so can't comment first hand.

    I like the idea of getting the dvd's to go with the turbo's so it looks like your in the Tour de France, I'd have to put it on rewind to make out I'm winning.

  • I am surprised we haven't had the rollers vs turbo debate yet.  I use a set of Kreitler rollers which I would recommend.  Definitely less tedious than a turbo but admitedly not so good for low cadence efforts.   

  • i dont think i cope watch the dvd's - it probably wont go slow enough - i would be behind all the team cars and support crews image

  • I'd watch the DVD's as a spectator image

  • there do appear to be some on ebay at the moment - so i might splash some cash now and then use it in the winter. just hope i dont end up missing to many nice (ish) days of riding by having it set up for 4 months at a time.


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