Half Marathon

Hi, I have been and on off runner for a while now, run for about 3 weeks and then other things interupt. I have completed a 5k in 30 mins before. But i am hoping to keep it up now as i am around 6 stone overweight in my opinion at 18 and a half stone. 

I started running again last week and at the moment can run 4 miles in 40 minutes. The great west run is on the 13th of october. I want to run the half marathon.

I just basically want to know whether people think this is possible. I really want to do it as the charity i want to run for is based in Exeter. The Adam Stansfield Foundation.

I don't want to walk any of it. 

Obviously i don't want to pay the entrance fee and collect money if i won't be able to complete it. 

What are your thoughts?


  • Hey I used to know Adam Stansfield, living here in Yeovil for obvious reasons. Good cause.

    Yeah you can do it but I think perhaps be prepared to walk parts of it. You seem to be running a solid 10 minute mile which is a good base to work from. If you only got back into running last week the thing to do is not go mad and pile the miles in. Build up slowly. How many times you running each week and how far?

    I do think its possible but from where you are starting from perhaps walk/run would be a good place to start. There is no shame whatsoever in walking parts of a HM. You will be doing more than most people living in the UK by getting up and going to the great west run.

  • Well you have more time to train than me and at the moment are running four miles quicker than me so I'd say yes you can do it.


    Good luck

  • Sorry for the slow reply. 

    Been running 4 times a week doing a long run (or as long as i can do) followed by a shorter run of half the distance. Am up to 4.5 miles in 45 mins now.

    Iv talked to a few people about the walk/run thing and they have all said its fine but i dunno. Im not doing a walk im doing a run so to stop would just feel totally wrong to me.

    As you will know stanno had the best work rate of any footballer you could ever see. I don't think he would walk, he would keep going no matter what. Fans always love a player that puts in that much effort.


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