I must be mad??

Hi all, A quick intro, I'm Dave 42 years old and in a bit of a fix, a mate of mine was due to run a half marathon in 7 weeks but has had an accident and won't beable to run.

So he asken me if I would take his place, now we've been mates for years and I had to help him out, he's raised quite a lot of money for charity and is really gutted he can't run.

The problem is I've never done any real running before, I went out last evening and managed 4.09 miles in 50mins a mix of running and walking.

So my question is am I mad to even try this or if I train for the next 6/7 weeks is it possible to complete the run?

All advice/comments welcome



  • Try it.  Worst case scenario is that some latent heart defect comes to the surface part-way round.  Alternatively, you'll finish and will get a medal.

    Find a programme to train to, start at the point that is pretty close to where you are now and stick to it.  On the day, start slow and see how you feel as you progress.

  • The second option sounds the best, heart attacks and the like arn't part of the plan.

    Thanks for the reply I'll look for some running programs.

  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    H Dave

    It would be possible to finish the HM but I would look at a walk/ run strategy and not worry about times etc. In this case I would concentrate my effort on finishing. You don't really have enough time to train properly so do take it easy and don't do too much now as you will risk injury. Have a look at a beginners HM training plan so you get an idea of what your runs should look like.

    Good luck!
  • Thanks Jindalee, yeah I pretty much knew I'd never be able to run the whole way but as you say run a bit walk a bit, would finishing in under 3 hrs be to optomistic?


  • JindaleeJindalee ✭✭✭
    Hi Dave

    I think that it would def be possible to finish in under 3h.
  • If you have an iPhone or something running Android, have a look at http://www.micoach.com/ - you can customise the programme based on how many days you can give to training, how long you've got until race day, and so on.  The programme it creates will included varied runs, which makes training a little more interesting.

  • Great, then at least I wont be last.....I hope

  • No, you probably won't be last.  

    But even if you are, nothing bad happens.  

    In fact, you'll get a big cheer at the finish image

  • Thanks Wilkie,hhmm I think I'm actualy starting to feel a bit better about the whole thing now, it might be a lot of fun and who knows a stepping stone a fitter life.  My legs feel a bit heavy today after my efforts last evening but i'll get out again tonight and see how I go.

  • You can definitely get round.

    And it doesn't matter if you do take longer than 3 hours, as Wilkie says, it's unlikely you'll be last. 

  • From a reasonable level of fitness you could run it in 7 weeks. depends where you are starting from. Run twice a week and you might surprise yourself.

  • good luck.

    i don't understand the link between him not running and the charity money raisd..surely the people who sponsored him sponsored him not you...why doesn't he run another race in a few months time and take the sponsorship over......

  • Hi DG

    I have done the GNR with about 12 weeks training and that was from 0 miles to 13 and finished in 2 hrs 35 so I would go for it.  I followed one of the charities training plans and trained 4 times a week.

    I would go for it, like the guys above say found out where you are on a plan and follow it on from there.  Dont worry I'm sure you wont be anywhere near last and who cares anyway its the taking part that countsimage

  • Hi seren nos, he has a charity place and therefor has to raise the required amount, i'll see if he's contacted the charity to see if he can swap to another event and I could still take his place in the run, i'm quite looking forward to it now, Lesley thanks for the reply I don't feel as worried now after the comments i've had and like I say am actualy thinking I might enjoy myself.

  • Is it the GNR that you are doing, if so look out for me I will be the lass with the reddest faceimage

  • Indeed it is the GNR, I'll be the one in a heap next to the road.....

  • GNR? God don't worry about 3 hours then, there will be loads of people behind you!

  • Screamapillar, you comment with such conviction, is there something I should know about this run?.....

  • It's a huge field of about 54,000, with runners and walkers of all abilities.

    That's how I guarantee you won't be last, not by a long way image

  • Excellent, nothing to worry about then ha ha

  • Good Luck Dave

    I hope it goes well for you and well done for getting out there.

    Be sure you check the application form and what details your friend entered on it. In the unlikely event of an incident the race officials will think you are somebody else. You may need to inform them that you have changed placess, as insurance,blood groups, NOK may come into it (but unlikely).

    If your friend tells people who sponsored him/her, and asks if they are happy for you to run instead. I am sure it will be fine.

    My son pulled out of an event and I ran in his place, we contacted sponsors and had no worries.

    It could be your mate just wants to get you out there.

  • So I did the same course again last night, took 5 mins longer this time but that was because I walked a bit more because my legs were tired from the night before.

    Going to do the run the other way around because theres a long steady hill that I have been going down so its time to go up and see how that feels. 


  • DG - How far and often are you running?

    I am in training for the GNR and my longest run this year was on Sunday 9.6 miles and I felt ok so am happy with thatimage

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