to train for The Wall Race (69 miles)

Hi All,

I've just signed up to my 1st Ultra Marathon and don't know how to even go about training for 69 miles. I am doing The Wall Race (Rat Race Event) in June 2014 and looking to do the 69 miles in one day. I have ran 3 marathons already and got my 4th one in 5 weeks so I am already a keen long distance runner but I just don't know how to train for this crazy distance so really hoping someone can point me in the right direction of what to do. I have seen online loads of Ultra Marathon Plans but they only go up to 50K. Also any tips on nutrition would be a great help too.

Huge thanks



  • Hi Claire, there is a training programme on their website..

    I'm hoping to do my first running marathon in April, (I've done the Moonwalk but that doesn't count because its walking) and am really tempted to do this (as the Challenger/2 day completion)!? image

  • Hi there,

      I took part in this event last month  and would highly reccommend  it to you.  Very well organised , beautiful countryside , lovely hills  to run up ( or walk in most cases)

     I think there is  a thread for next years race somewhere started by weedy gonzales.

    If you join that one you'll get lots of tips.   All the best.

  • Its my first ultra marathon too. only done halves so far but have a couple of full marathons planned for the spring. Good luck Lisa - seems we are in a similar boat!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭

    Hiya, really keen to do the wall on 2014 but the website still has details for this years event? Are the dates and details for next years event hiding somewhere?! Looks like an absolute cracker, all walked the wallany years ago on a queens scout expedition so I feel I need a return visit!

  • Mr F - Just click on this years date and the next page will say next years date. Or click here..  Book before the end of this month and use promo code EARLYBIRD20 and get 20% off! image

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