Realistic Half Marathon Pace

Hi, I'm running my first half marathon in Birmingham this October. I started training in February having never really done any running. I'm a cyclist at heart and initially had problems with shin splints so my original target was just to complete the half. However, since getting over the shin problem (right shoes/ training back to zero and building gradually if anyone's interested) I have found my time's improving as part of the process. My best training run so far is 9 miles at 9 minutes per mile, at that pace I would break 2 hours for the half. Is this a realistic target, bearing in mind I'm new to running as of February this year but do have 3 months of training left?

Any advice would be much appreciated as I don't want to set an unreasonable target but I am someone that likes to see improvement in whatever I do.


  • as long as you train sensibly and remain injury free then i think that you will have no problem breaking 2 hours with the race day adrenaline in you.......just don't go off too fast on the day .

  • Yes image My first half was 1.43 after about 6 months of running image If you can run 9 miles at 9minute pace their is nothing stopping you from doing it. On the day just make sure you don't go out too hard. If you are worried get a little more speed work in. If you have ran 9 miles in training already you could perhaps at some point run the full distance but at a slower pace and get a feel for the distance. Some people may say different but its a confidence boost knowing you can do the distance but you havent lost the challenge because the challenge is dropping under that 2 hour mark.

  • I would say you have time to build up to the distance no problem......although its not good to go overdistance for a full marathon........its usually recommended for training for a halfimage


    but remmeber not to run the training runs too fast when doing the long run....leave the faster stuff to the shorter mid week runs

  • Yeah, can be done. My first one I thought I was going to be giving up running when the shin splints got so bad. I got my race pack three weeks before the event and went on to run a 1.55.56 and I wouldn't say I'm particularly fit...

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