Nottingham 5k Summer Series - the problem with anonymous reviews!

As Race Director, this is a first for me - but I'd advise caution when considering the three reviews of this event. Two of the three reviewers have now changed their online user names since publishing their very negative reviews and I'll be honest - I am bemused and just don't understand what is going on!

We welcome feedback on any race we are involved in and will always listen to constructive criticism - but the views expressed in the ratings for this event just don't match the feedback we have received directly from some of the participants. We have written testimonials from runners who took part and they are completely opposite to the negative reviews posted.

The online reviewers are entitled to an opinion but the three reviews posted are all remarkably similar in content and in scoring.

For the record, the entry numbers for the races are low but growing; we were forced to move to a new location due to anti social behaviour; the entry fee is just £8 for advance entries; the race is marshalled, timed and, in addition to medals for all there are prizes for leading runners and age group winners. The race takes place on hard track (50%) and road (50%). We are active suporters of parkrun and this race sits comfortably alongside parkrun as an evening timed race. The event carries a UKA licence and the planning and execution of the race meets all UKA licence standards.

Its disappointing when we're forced to be so defensive - but our view (shared by other participants) is that the reviews posted are not an accurate reflection of the race experience of those taking part (the three reviewers excepted of course).

Martin Burke
Race Director


  • Oh i see what you mean. They look very dodgy to me. Report to moderator maybe ?
  • XX1XX1 ✭✭✭

    MB -- There is clearly one person, and possibly two more, who is disgruntled with the event that you organised; however, the reviews to which you refer are a long way from the worst reviews that I've ever seen.  The reviews could be bogus...  Most runners who do these local 5K series type of events tend to know what to expect and it is difficult to imagine what the reviewer(s) would have expected in terms of atmosphere...  Also, none of the reviews really explained in what way the organisation was poor.  I wouldn't worry too much about those reviews, there's a positive one there now anyway.  Make yourself feel better by reading the reviews of the British 10K image

  • So how many people did take part in the event? The results are not up yet. Were there only 20 people in the race? 

    8 pounds is by no means extortionate but the problem with a 5k these days is that everyone can run one for free at a parkrun. I wouldn't use a 5k to make a series out of in the current climate.

    I have run the Regents Park series organised by you and found them to be great value and well organised. The Bewl 15 has a very good reputation too so I wouldn't take a couple of bogus reviews too seriously. 

  • Hi Sussex Runner - yes it was a small field - its the first year for the series and although we had 35 pre-entered we only had 21 on the night. Unfortunately, we were forced out of the original location due to yobs disrupting the race and breaking windows on our vehicle (not the best of days!). We do expect the series to grow and match those we do elsewhere where we have entries of 100 plus on a regular basis. The parkrun events are distinct and, as we've said, we are supporters of parkrun events. We feel though that our evening series are opportunities to get a timed, and in most cases accurately measured, 5k race with the usual race mementos such as medals and prizes. Those we do elsewhere are really popular - even in locations where they have a parkrun.

    The comments are even more puzzling because we had four really complimentary emails from runners who took part - these arrived before the reviews were posted.

    Whilst it is easy just to ignore such reviews we still feel them!

    Never mind - onwards and upwards!

  • Stevie  GStevie G ✭✭✭

    The chap who wrote those 3 negative reviews could have made it a bit less obvious by not using the same phrases and writing them on the same day!

    Does sound a bit of a nightmare the whole thing, for reasons outside of your control.

    I'd probably be a bit gutted if I turned up at a race and found 20 others there though. But probably would be a little more sympathetic in the circumstances.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Oh I dunno. 20 racers means at least a half-half chance of a top 10 finish.

  • These things take time to build up I'd think. I'll drag a few folks along next summer. Keep going. I enjoyed the series and I think most other people did too. I liked the small crowd feel to it too.

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