It's too damn hot!!!

I know it's hot in th UK just now too, but where I live in France I'm dying!!! We live in a micro-climate between the Alps, the Vosges and the Black Forest!   It's 22:30 and still 32 degrees, it's 32 degrees at 6am already and I'm Scottish and don't do heat!!!  

So I'm swimming but i's been 2 weeks and have no idea when I will be able to run again! BTW I tried to run last week and after 5km almost died......and I had my CamelBak, a hat and was running in the shade (mostly!!)......

I'm worried that when I go back to running I will be starting from scratch again....I only started running in March!

Wondering if I should get a gym subscription and run on the dreadmill.....


  • FiBear, am just a newbie but am sure if you can run/jog through the summer you'll be repaid with super fitness image

    I live on Mull and had the pleasure of 6 miles in light rain today - was bliss! It's been hot here and just come back from 10 days in France (Geneva side not Germany) and yup, that was hot and only managed 1 run of 4 miles whilst there image

    I'm HADDing right now and decided it's a cold climate thing to doimage

  • Have been reading about running in the heat. Ok proceed with caution, but actually if it's not too humid you can do it without too much problem (unless it gets ridiculous temperatures). Drink lots before you run, run slow and don't run that far. Go on, try it again, you know you want to!

  • It's 40 degrees today!!!! More in the direct sun......too hot, I judpst can't!!!   Humidity is at about 70......we need a big thunder storm!!!

    Andi, I love maiden name is McLean so I go back for the clan gathering now and again!!!

    Tangfastic you are right I want to try........

  • Well, I done it!!

    It was 36 degrees and I ran 7km (with a bit of walking when I just couldn't take any more) in 56 minutes!   It was horrible!!   I would normally do about 8km in an hour so I am relatively happy with myself but I had to walk too much IMO.   I fell straight into the pool on my return home (fully clothed) and done my stretching in the pool.

    I need to try and run in the morning - it is still 26 degrees at 7am but that is better than 36!   Trying to fit it in before work is going to cause problems but I need to try as I almost died on that run!

  • FiBear, I'm curently in the southwest of France, so not as humid as where you are, but can be very hot (high 30's in the shade) and when it's hot it may not start to cool down til after midnight. 

    You're right: the only time of day it makes sense to run is the early morning, between 6 and 8 am, both because you have the accumulated cool of the night and because the sun isn't yet beating down. 

    It's not easy to get up at 6 when it's been too hot to go to bed til after 12, I know, but the early morning really is the best time to run, and frankly in real heat like you've got it's the only time I would go out. Give it a try, it really is worth it! 

    Good luck.

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