Friday 26 July 2013


Lyrics: Guess there's no use in hangin' 'round
Guess I'll get dressed and do the town

What: not sure yet, either a swim or a run
Why: need to see how hot it gets
Last hard: intervals in lacrosse last night!
Last rest: 21/7

Very quiet at the moment.

Have a good one all.


  • Hello Sarah, stick around image

    Glad the niggle is better Chick. We had dense fog yesterday morning too, driving on the Autobahn was not easy!  37C forcase for Sunday...Heligoland marathon is only 3 or 4 laps I think.  I am tempted, but not convinced yet!

    Don  "The dog didn't want to run", just the runner's equivalent of "The dog ate my homework" :P

    Yesterday's lyrics were: Katy Perry and Last Friday Night.  Please don't judge my music taste from my lyrics, it's what they were playing on the radio (and this morning's too, though I do like this song)!

  • Morning! 

    On a train to London.  Off to see a solicitor re an uncle's will. Then...

    What: LFOM

    Why: it would be rude not to. Although I don't know why given my aching legs from the last few days of hard labour.

    Then a few beers with friends. 

    Lyrics: no


  • good luck tonight, alehouse! I wouldn't want to run a 5k in this heat image

    welcome Sarah image

    Indeed, very quiet on here at the moment. Everybody must be on hols...

    what: 3 miles to the village bakery
    why: too hot to do anything else / slept badly
    last hard: kicking myself out of bed
    last rest: Monday
    lyrics: no

    Happy weekend, all image  forecast says 37 degrees for us on Sunday image

  • The race is at 12.30 in Hyde Park, Chick. Just want to get round.

  • 1st run as a V45 this morning with Jnr after opening all my pressies...image

    4.25m in 31:29

    Off to Thunder Run 24 in a bit so will be off line till Monday night

    Take care and have a great weekend

  • Hope your return to racing goes well Alehouse.

    I have to say emzap/chickadee I'd rather have your 37C than the thunder and rain forecast for my race on Sunday!

    No time to start the thread this morning if I were going to fit everything in. Need to finish packing and pack the bikes this evening so this morning was a question of making time.

    What:              30 minutes easy run
    Why:                I wanted to
    Last hard:        Only having 30 minutes
    Last rest:         22/7

    Lyrics - no.

  • Enjoy the 5K, alehouse! image

    emzap, I know.... I could have gone out after dumping the dog at home - my heart wasn't in it either!  I now know why I've had a recent slowdown - half a stone on since I stopped marathon training - grrrrr!  

    Will do nothing today as I want to do the parkrun tomorrow on fresh(ish) legs to lay down a marker for improvement! image

    Lyrics - not today, although I do like yesterday's song! 

  • Last hard: 23.38 unofficially

  • Excellent Alehouse - regular 5k races from now on?

  • Afternoon

    Alehouse  - nice one

    LMH work Monday/Tuesday nights all night - its just at the moment  find it running in the heat nice when I finish work but legs too buggered to run I've tried (on feet all night) cools down when I have to go to work. I'll get through it no worries. Still at the moment if I can  run 4 times a week that's  great 5 will be better then I can build up when it gets cooler

    What: just under 2 miles
    Why: nothing to flash as parkrunning tomorrow
    Last Hard: Today alas
    Lyrics No

  • good job image

    Happy birthday, RFJ - youngster imageimageimage

  • Happy birthday young RFJ! Enjoy the thunder!

  • I missed that - happy birthday RFJ.

  • Happy birthday RFJ.

    Good luck at the weekend LMH

    A very slow, very treacle like run in the rain.  Man it's humid out there.  Hoping it's better for the long run at the weekend...

  • Happy Birthday RFJ image

  • my post was supposed to say good job, ale - dunno why ale got cut off image

  • Well done warehouse, nice work. 

    Happy birthday RFJ.

    No parkrun for me tomorrow, going fishing with my Dad instead image

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