trained well for this years north run.On the day no motivation to do the race.Did it last year and this year was going to be my best time.Had head cold in last few days.Was it staleness.What went wrong?


  • Simon
    So sorry it wasn't as good you'd hoped. Head colds usually make me feel lethargic & less tolerant of others, not an ideal state for a mass participation run with thousands of people thronging around and getting in your way.

    Good luck for 2004
  • Bad luck Simon, probably partly the head cold and partly just an off day - don't you just hate them when they happen on race days?
  • Oops

    R4L is right I meant 2003, of course when you have a great run in 2003 you'll be really fired up for a storming '04.

    Hope the world looks a better place this morning
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