Worried I won't finish GNR.

I decided to sign up to the Great North Run, and was following a training plan where I had worked up to about 4 miles,  but thought this was ok as I had plenty of time to train. Due to an injury not caused by running, I was then off for about a month, and though I am fine to run now, there is about 7 weeks left, and so far I can only run 4miles, I don't know what to do! As I am doing it on a charity place and have already raised a fair amount of sponsor money, I can't pull out. But I am worried I won't finish. I have placed my finishing time down as 2hours 40 mins, will this be possible? Could anyone link to a training plan for such a short amount of time?



  • 7 Weeks left. Right well you should be able to walk/run it (I've been finding myself saying that alot recently) 2 hours 40 might be doable.  How much have you ran since your injury? Was it 4 miles before or 4 miles after?

    I'm afraid their is no magic 7 week plan out there. I'd say perhaps defer it but I know the problem, you have told everybody you are doing it and have raised money etc. A thing not to do is over do it in the next 7 weeks

  • 4 miles before, been doing around 6 miles walk/run over the past week or so. Do you think I ccan just build up mileage? I'm really panicking now.

  • stu jstu j ✭✭✭

    what is your run / walk pace & distance?

  • i've been doing 3 miles in roughly 30 mins, so about 9-10minute mile for those distances. I am quite fast at walking though, so my powerwalk is probably the same as a light jog. I have done a couple 10 mile walks, and have not felt tired afterwards at all, do you think I should just integrate more and more running into them?

  • I think you're running too fast for your ability. Slow it down and you should be able to go much further.

    Can you chat whilst running ? If you can't then you're running too fast.

    There are plenty of people walking the GNR anyway - so I'd really not worry. Just dont start too far up the field.
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    what cougie said, slow down - it took me many months to realise I was going too fast and i kept thinking of the "no pain, no gain" mentality - but it doesn't really work for the running side of things.

    I now do most of my long slow runs at around 10:40 - 11:00 mark.

    Although I've now been running for quite a while I still occasionally have a small chat with myself / sing a song to see if I'm running too fast.

    edit - I make little sense some times

  • By comparison - I'd be running the half in under 90 mins but my easy run pace is 10 minute miles chatting. You run yours faster than me.
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    new-runner get your arse in gear and start running image

    You can always gently jog / walk a section if you have to but really it's great weather you should be out running :0 No excuses just get out there and enjoy the sun.

    If you can walk 10 miles happily maybe run a couple of miles, walk half a mile, run a couple of miles again... and keep going, this gives you a decent amount of time between each run section to recover properly.  I found when i tried to do run / walk at anything that if you have the walking section to short then you are screwed, because you just wear yourself out, you need to properly recover, take in a few deep breaths and walk until you feel in total control again, then set out again gently jogging another couple of miles, then walk again try that and see how that feels on a weekend.  It's at least a way of getting around it  might not be perfect but it will get you there.

  • Do it for the experence, not for a time!

    You said you walk 10 mile no problem and can run 4mile.

    Just run the first 2mile then walk the rest, you will be surprised how many peaple are walking after a mile or two (baffels me to be honest).  And when you get to the 12th mile......Run then if you can.

    Just enjoy the day really.......Its great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ok thanks for the help guys image I did a jog/walk tonight for 7 miles..took about 1 hour 25 mins but I admittedly could have pushed myself a little more. Feeling a lot better about it now, was just worried I would be finishing last...or not finishing at all!

  • Just read/replied to your new thread - how has the training been going?

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