• hi all. 

    i am completly new to this so i might be in the wrong place. i have started training for a triathlon thats coming up. i am getting very skinny though. i did have a small bit of muscle before as i was working out at home. nothing major , few sit up press up dips and pull . now i am running on average 8k every 2nd night and cycling 15 every other. can i put on muscle or at least stop losing it by taking any suppliments. i have stop the workouts until after the triathlon. 


  • Just eat a bit more. 8 k would only burn about 500 calories if you were a bloke - so that's not a huge amount. Basically you're simply not eating enough. How many calories worth of food a day are you having ?
  • Hi cc1 - cougie may be right but when I started running seriously by my standards (just 25 - 30 miles a week) about 12 months ago I found I lost half a stone within about a month (no matter how much I ate!).

    As a 6ft tall man who only weighed 10.5 stone to start with this similarly panicked me a bit but I knew that I was healthier so presumed that even that extra half a stone had been excess - it did leave me looking really skinny though.

    However after about 6 months I found that even with the same or slightly more mileage I was returning back towards my starting weight. I just think that your metabolism probably hasn't got used to this extra exercise and once it adjusts you will be fine.

    Not an expert, just my personal experience.


  • cc are you feeling tired or having any health problems? That would be my stating point to see if you arn't eating enough. It might just be your body is changing with the training or might be you arn't eating enough. Do you actually feel hungry all the time?

    If your just worried your not got a lot of muscle bulk I wouldn't worry tri has a habit off not making you look like arnie. Which is no bad thing.

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