Inov-8 Race Elite 150 Stormshell?


I'm looking for a good quality, waterproof, and relatively lightweight jacket for use in bad conditions in the hills (Scottish Autumn / Winter).  I've been looking at the Inov-8 Race Elite 150 Stormshell - and just wondered if anyone here has one and has any thoughts...good jacket?

Failing that, any other recommendations would be great.




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    I think I may be after something to replace my excellent Rab Demand smock but I can't help feeling that Inov8 have created, here, a race specific bit of clothing; light enough to carry whilst stillfollowing event rules, but less than adequate in anythingracing other than race day.

    Personally I'd opt for one of the heavier ones for day to day use, or OMM'd shell jacket.  The Ran demand is competitive too, but no longer made IIRC.

  • Waterproof jackets specifically designed for running, are often pretty useless for hills in bad weather.  I would not attach any value whatsoever to the jacket being designed by a running brand. 

    The feature that makes or breaks a waterproof jacket for me, is the hood. Go to a shop where you can try the jackets on, rotate your head left and right, and make sure the hood moves with your head and never impairs your vision. Also give some thought to the arrangement of the pockets, and whether you will readily be able to access them while wearing your running pack. 

    You could do a lot worse than the Montane Minimus. 

  • Thanks guys, much appreciated.

    That's a good point re minimum weight to satisfy race requirements.

    I did think it seemed incredibly light, I'll look in to some heavier options - any tips in that regard equally appreciated.

    Thanks again.

  • You buy a heavier jacket, it's not as breathable, so you'd sweat it in more, so it wets from the inside.

    I've got the stormshell, great jacket, kept me nice and dry for a 4 hour run in constant rain on Saturday in the Lakes.


  • I've just bought a Nike Icon Fuse from sports shoes, down to £70. 

    The feature that attracted me was the pit zips that are like the ones on my mountain equipment mountaineering jacket. 

    very good value at the price.  

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