Is it possible to run a marathon after 4 weeks off

Hi is it possible to run a marathon with 10 weeks left ? I usually run quite a lot but the last 4 weeks I've slacked doing only 10 miles in 11 days till this week as I tweaked my hamstring, this week I've done a 3,6 and 13 today nice and easy ! just to ensure the hamstring was ok, if I knuckle down and get the right sessions in whilst increasing the mileage is there enough time ?


  • ChimneyChimney ✭✭✭

    In short, yes.

    You can do it off no training. Likelihood is it will be slow and hurt, and continue to hurt for days/weeks after. (Personal experience/stupidity doing my first mara).

    when you say you usually run a lot, what is a lot? I run a lot compared to most people I know, but not much compared to some. Have you done a mara before? If not, what's the furthest you've done before? 

    Do you want to just get round, or break the world record? 


    If reality matched intention I'd know I was dreaming
  • Yes, but concentrate on enduremce and bin the speed sessions. Don't go in with target times but run for the fun of it, whilst keeping the option to pull out if things don't feel right.

  • Yes done 2 marathons,  before was running roughly about 35 a week did 3.27 a few years back, off this longest run was 16 miles I know that was stupid not training enough and I payed for it. 

  • Yes. Yawn. 

  • Stupid question. You can do it off zero training, bottom line is what time are you aiming for?

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