How should a tri suit fit?

should it be tight or loose? I'm a newbie, thinking about my first tri later this year or early next, as I'm marafun training atm but I'm determined to do a few tri races before my midlife crisis passes. Lol


  • Tight, but comfy! the body length I think is key - especially when you sit on the bike. You don't want it baggy otherwise it will scoop water it he swim, or flap on the bike/run. 


  • 'tight but comfortable' yep .. agree with that

  • Mine so tight it does the run for me image

  • Like a second skin image you dont want it moving around your nether parts on the bike image but you need to breathe too...

  • i think they shrink with age - or at least mine has,image




  • I bought one this weekend - it did wonders for my self confidence looking at myself in the mirror in it image shame it wasn't quite as good when I took it off image

  • Right. Thanks all. I've lost half a stone in the last couple of weeks, so I guess it's time to get out and tri some on. 

  • Have your nether parts shrunk with age DK? image

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