Advice needed re holiday at end of marathon training

I am hoping to do the Bournemouth marathon on 6th October.  However, we are going on holiday on 2nd September, which is the week before my longest run is due (and I start my taper). My husband is an understanding man, but maintaining a 40 mile week whilst on holiday is not a possibility! Do you think this is going to mess up my fitness for my longest run and/or the marathon? Suggestions please!


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You could do the long run the day before you go on holiday.

    Then use your first week back to get back into things with a longish run at the end and then start your taper

    I did something similar in 2011 and got a PB.
  • I would do the longrun before you go.even if it means doing it at night to fit it in.....then a couple of shorter ones on holiday.then do the other long run when you get back.....sorted......

    or get ready in your running clothes for the journey.....get your hubby to drop you off 20 miles short of your destination with a can run the last 20 miles whilst he umpacks and sort everything out..both then have a drink to relax


  • Thanks guys! Sorry for the delay in replying.

    Seren Nos - LOL!  Don't know which is funnier me hightailing in through greece to our hotel, or the idea that my husband would have unpacked when I got there!

    Millsy1977 - thank you for your advice and well done for your PB.  Looks like I'll be doing my long run before I go!

  • Why can't you do your 40 miles while on holiday? I love running when I'm on holiday and can typically get up, run for an hour and get back to the hotel before the rest of the family has woken up. I don't think even a 2:30 long run would take much out of the day if you start an hour and a half before anyone else gets up. Hope you're a morning person!
  • nce:  Wow - you are really motivated!

    I will certainly be doing some running while I am away, but we are in a "self-contained" resort and I am not sure how much distance I am going to be able to get without doing endless laps (yawn).  Not 100% comfortable about leaving the resort and running through unchartered territory on my own on a dark morning (no disrespect to the lovely Greek people).  My kids are 2 and 4 so are usually up very early - I would have to be running around 4.00am to get a 2 hour run in!

    Nevertheless, I appreciate your advice and if there is a way for me to get some miles up I will be doing my best!!



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