Marathon training on a hilly holiday

Hi! I am training for my second marathon, going for Amsterdam again this October. I live in the very flat Netherlands and as a result am really not used to hill running. Just arrived on family holiday to a very hilly region of Tuscany in the midst of training and need to fit in a 16, a 20 and a 22 while I'm here and want to avoid the mistakes I've made in a similar position last year.

Previously I've just tried to continue training and end up getting so badly injured I've had to cancel races. So any advice here? Should I cut down my mileage? Or do lots of shorter run? Or run for the same length of time I would usually for these distances but not worry if I've not done the full thing (ie go by time not distance). Any thoughts? 

This race is a really important one to me for various reasons, so I really want to make sure I don't jeopardise it.




  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    You don't " need" to do those length of runs.

    I would just keep ticking over whilst on holiday and then get back to it when you return. Or if you are determined to do really long runs then do them on time rather than distance and take it easy.

    When I put together my plans I try and factor in holidays by starting the plan a couple of weeks earlier so I can enjoy the holiday without worrying about my running.
  • if you realy want to void the hills.find a flat stretch and then just run back and for for a few hours.....or just slow right down.take it easy and go on time not distance


  • Thanks both, I'll go on time then and calm it down a bit. I know what you mean about starting travel has interfered with that unfortunately. And general disorganisation!! Appreciate the feedback. S 

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