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Just a quick post to introduce myself and make my intentions known. I was introduced to the world of triathlons by my wife, and despite being on the chunky side and having never been particularly athletic, I've been bitten by the bug. Always enjoyed cycling and swimming (though only ever swam recreationally), and after being roped into doing the Great North Run last year, discovered the whilst hard work, running could actually be quite rewarding.

Well, after failing to train properly for the GNR, I did my knee in and the running lapsed. I entered the First of the Summer Tri in Holmfirth earlier this year though, which I did on my mountain bike (that was interesting!), and also did the bike and run legs of the Ullswater tri t'other week (the runner in our relay had to pull out). Ok, so I walked most of it, but I did it and the triathlon bug just bit a little deeper.

I've also recenty read Can't Swim, Can't Ride, Can't Run. Between taking part in events and the book, I've decided this is a sport I need to continue with. I could do with shedding a few pounds and boosting my fitness. So I've now got a shiny new road bike (Cube Peloton Pro) and signed up to do the Hartside Duathlon in October. My original aim was to get myself ready for a full olympic distance next year, but I seem to find my attention keeps being dragged to Ironman events....

The wife's got a lot to answer for...


  • Welcome, I too may have slowly encompassed my OH in the world of tri.... You guys just tooooo easy! image

    IM Nice?

  • The cost of a proper IM is making me look at something like Outlaw, but having spent 5 years living in Wales, IM Wales looks tempting if it's still going next year/beyond, though I'm well aware it's going to be tough(er)

  • Outlaw is a cracker! Get the obligatory Fink bible and have a gander at the volume of training required. There is an Outlaw 2014 thread ongoing and Fatman to Ironman is where the big guns hang out. 

    Im more of a trainee at the moment on the Shorter tri thread. My first Olympic next weekend.

  • Already grabbed Fink on my Kindle and had a quick look through. Looks to be doable, especially if I can get myself motivated to get up earlier

  • Welcome!  You'll not look back.  My first IM is next weekend (IMUK) and it's been quite a year image


  • Welcome to the darkside image

  • Made my commitment for next year, 5 weeks in, 50 to go. Go for it image 

  • Waiting to find out when/if IM Wales is on next year. Soon as I know, I'll make my commitment I think

  • image Welcome - IMWales as your first that's a big ask DB image 

  • Aye I get the impression that it's a tough one, but having lived in Wales for a while, and having spent many summer holidays over there as a kid, it's the one I'd love to do. Used to live in Manchester, and dragging myself exhausted round Bolton just doesn't have the same appeal...

  • Does it half to be a branded ironman? Because there are a number of unbranded ones that a little bit kinder to first timers - they are all hard but hard in different kinds of ways.  IM Wales is just a beast.

  • Doesn't have to be, toying with a few other options too. Anyway, one of these days I might even come to my senses and realise I've gone insane

  • I wouldn't bank on that happening. image
    As others have said, The Outlaw is a brilliant and very newbie friendly.

    Welcome to the Ship

  • The Outlaw is one of the ones I'd be looking at as an option. Think the idea is properly stuck in my head now...

  • Having looked at what we've got coming up over the next year, it looks like a full Iron-distance is out. A half is a possibility, but will still take some effort to fit the training in, but I really want to get one done, so I'll do what I can to make it happen. I'll probably be going either for the Outlaw Half, or venturing abroad for Wiesbaden 70.3

    I've also just started writing a little blog about my triathlon efforts, more for myself than anything, but if anyone fancies having a nosey you can find it at

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