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First time posting on RW Forum, I have pulled off a 1/2 marathon schedule from RW for 1.30 finish time ,I live in the lake district which is Great  but there is no flat runs ,how much should I allow extra in time per mile for trails and hills to match the times on the schedule?


  •  It's a string length problem alas. I guess you need  do the required paces on a flat bit of road, and get a feel for the percieved effort / heart rate, and then use these as the metrics for your trail runs.

  • Depends on the terrain.  My 'normal' easy pace is about 8min/mile on roads, but along the footpaths or leafy Warwickshire it drops to around 9, though this does include time spent faffing with the dog.

    Iimagine a hilly lake district route would be slower still.

    I have tried off road tempo runs with a hr monitor and found my pace about 40s slower. Have you tried using a hr monitor? The Garmin schedules are available to download based on hr rather than pace.You'l

    l still probably struggle with intervals though unless you find a nice flat section of road ir track.

  •  Thanks Ian & Lou

    Not used a hr monitor before but my garmin 305 does have one so really  need to give it a go, are they easy to use?

  • They are fairly simple.  You need to do a HRMax test to get your training zones correct, but after that it's quite straightforward but takes a bit of trial and error to set up your watch display appropriately.  I tend to go on average heartrate per 1 mile lap, but if the terrain is very variable you might want to use shorter lap or even real time HR.  Just the same as running by pace I guess.

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