ITB Release

Hi there,

I was wondering if any members have had ITB release operations by any chance?

I'm having mine shortly, affter a long struggle of trying all other options I've been reccomended this as I haven't repsonded to anything else. I haven't even tried to run for a couple of months and I still have trouble walking more than 10-15 mins sometimes so it is pretty severe. My knee has been swollen at the side now for 4 months about 1cm out, and nothing I have done has stopped the swelling (including injections, ice, non invasive stuff, physio etc). I've been told some people don't respond and have to resort to the release and I'm just unlucky. It was strange as I wasn't even training for anything when the pain first started and I took it seriously form day 1 and didnt push it.

After spending a while talking everything through with the surgeon I realised I didnt ask too much about the first week or two post op, and if there is an immediate pain relief? has anyone else has this, and could advice of your experience post on on pain levels/range vs pre op and recovery? I'm keen to find out a little further info on this (and I don't want to bother the surgeon after several in depth convo's that have lead to this- he's a busy man!).




  • This is something I also might be having. Starting with an arthroscopy this week. ive suffered with it for years, but never any swelliIs. Good luck.

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