The new home the RW sub 3:30 now heading for 3:15



  • Good luck racers - hope the weather is better than down this way.  

    After 2 final days of hill training on the bikes we went over to friends for dinner last night. I am at least fulfilling the 'hard partying' bit of the thread title and feeling a bit hungover this morning image  Today we have to get all the gear sorted and packed ready for our 'proving' ride tomorrow (checking balance and handling on the road)

    Was supposed to be running a 4 mile off-road race tomorrow but have been called up to marshal instead image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    good luck racers, hope it's not too hot out there for you...

    Bro: sorry I missed your coach smackdown yesterday, massive well done image

    did a 13 mile progressive run this morning. started with 9.30ish and finished with 7.10image

     wore compression socks and calf seemed ok enough


  • Morning all.  Happy racing, racers image

    Kiwi, great news on the pain free post-run knee!!  Looks like you're heading in the right direction.

    DD, taking it easy as usual, I see image  I don't think I will ever really acquire a taste for running here in the summer, but at least Saturday's effort left me smiling rather than miserable.  Or perhaps that was just the effects of changing my brand of recovery drink to Hoegaarden???  Only 3 or 4 days of Ramadan left to get through image

    Hi Nce!  Good to see you on here.  Don't worry, I'm a 3:30 pretender too.  They are very welcoming on here and seem to let all sorts in.  But you can only stay here if you can hold your drink.....image

    2old, love it!  Actually, on Saturday I would probably have been more likely to have been arrested for taking an illegal sip of water prior to sundown than my attire.  But that said, it's too hot to run much before sundown anyway, but I think my timings were just about OK.  I can't believe you said no to the alpacas!  How could you?  They are sooooo cute!  I went to Peru a couple of years ago and just loved seeing them and llamas ambling around image  I'm sure they'd make very efficient lawnmowers?

    Brolish, so did you manage to resist a small plodette??

    O4S, nice effort on the drinking front image

    I did a spin class yesterday and then S+C this morning.  Long run this evening so hopefully that will all go fine.  1hr on the TM image  But I'm just happy to be running really so I don't mind.



  • X-post, Chick.  Wow, that's a good progressive!!  Really glad to see the calf is behaving itself image

  • Morning All,

    Good luck all of those racing today.image

    nce - Find it! it's definitely worth a read and makes sense of the science behind mara training.

    Simon - You're right, i'd be sub 3.00 by now if it wasn't for those pesky bone spurs... Must be something to do with the Spurs name... because their shite too!!image

    Bro - Nice 10k... but what were you thinking, opening a can of whoop-ass on your Coach???!!!image He is sooooooo gonna make you pay for it in the coming weeks... 3 mile reps in 30 degree heat anyone???image

    SS - I'm with Bro on the matter of running in hot conditions... I hate it, so well done.image

    Chick - 13 mile progressive with a 7.10 last mile... Fantastic!image I can barely walk up the stairs at the moment, so am deeply jealous of all the good running going on, on this thread.

    Minni - According to FB you're waking up to "pavement pizza" this morningimage How's the head?? Nice LSR btw and good luck with not chundering on today's fell race.image

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    simon62w imageimage 

    Kiwi didn't mind being up & out by 6.30am despite it being a Saturday as it's the best part of the day to run for me

    nce welcome! I'm a newbie & a 3.30 pretender too but everyone has been lovely welcoming me!

    Good luck to the racers today. Rest day for me today! I think my OH is resting as well after his storming long run yesterday. image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭


    Haha Oompa! That was my son fraping me! I'm never sick with drink.  image

    So yes after beer followed by two bottles of wine the fell race should be interesting this afternoon. Good news is there's also a beer tent. 

    Chick - fab run. 

  • Minni; hope the hangover doesnt affect your race too much

    Chick; nice progressive run there.

    SS: i dont miss Ramadan.

    Stur Half went pretty well as expected, 1-41-23 on a hilly course. Need to actually do some runs longer than 15K ! I was fine until the one mile up hill drag from 12 to 13 miles which really showed  my lack of endurance. Still i was second runner home for my new club. Its the hills that are the real difference from Dubai. I dont think that my taper of a tempo run on Friday followed by a hard bike ride yesterday was ideal. All in all a reasonsble result snd a good marker to move on from.

  • Brol - Really looking forward to Berlin, 8 weeks today, well done to you and Mr B on your 10K.

    Chick -  Nice running, take care with that calf and the speedy stuff.

    Spoons - Very good effort on your hot 10K.

    Red -  Good running from you, are you injury free now?

    2old - Thanks for the explanation, in the past I've been recommended to try alternate hot/cold treatment to get the blood flowing into injured areas. Hope the treatment works for you.

    Oompa - Good news you know what the problem is,  any idea how long will be out for after the op.

    nce - Welcome, you have certainly got the speed for a sub 3:30 just got to work on the endurance. Well done on the 5K, which mara are you doing.

    Simon - No romantic lie in this weekendimage, I was in work for by half 5 both days.

    SS - Good to hear your return to running is going well.

    Pinklady -  Well done on your 10 miler. Just got to make sure you complete the mid week runs.

    Good run for me yesterday afternoon, 20 miles at 7:48 avg, rained for the first hour so the cycle track was a bit muddy in places but the rain helped to keep the temp down.


  • Barry - Nice fast 20miler today.

    DD - Speedy half, you should of picked a nice flat race to make you feel at home.

    Oompa - Ah yes, but you can buy a lot of shite players for £85million apparently, we have (Liverpool ).


  • Wow, 20 miles at 7:48?? I'm definitely on the wrong thread. Today I did 13 miles at 10:08/mile at 77% MHR. Though it did include a 500m climb in it. I had an option of that or 13 miles on a towpath and decided the hill climb would do me more good.
  • Evening - just got back frm Derbyshire

    went to Castleton yesterday for cream tea and a walk up Mam Tor. Then on to the pub we were staying at for a few pints and a burger and chiPs. This morning's pre marathon breakfast was a full english. That's the carb loading sorted! 

    Dovedale Dipper - started in Hartlepool at the village hall. It was raining. The route was hilly but not as tough as Wales Trail marathon. What was worse however was the mud and the ankle deep water. The water was sloshing and squelching about in my shoes image . I said at one point that the mud was particularly slippery - big mistake as of course I immediately went over and ended up in a patch of nettles and thistles! image the rain stopped around mile 10 and it warmed up but never got too hot. We had a brilliant day, the views were amazing, the cake as delicious, as was the jacket potato at the end. Most importantly I felt strong at the end, never struggled and really enjoyed myself. oh, and Mr Tony's Trials was there too! Definitely one to do again.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sounds good Spoons.

    Great half there DD.

    Fell race for me and after a skin full last night it was never going to be pleasant.  Didn't warm up and the start was straight up a hill, and we're talking hill. image  My lungs were screaming.  Flat then more up.  I ended up in a group of three and we kind of went a little off course going around the side of a big hill but then going up to the summits I managed to run ahead of them.  I was starting to feel quite good.  It was hot and sunny but with a brisk breeze.  However, I took a wrong turn after the last summit and by the time I realised and turned back the other two had gone ahead.  There was then a sharp downhill, flat and even sharper downhill to the finish.  First lady image and 7th over all.  image  (No of entrants: 7.  No of female entrants: 1) image image 

    Good fun and good banter.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Spoons - another great marathon from you - you are definitely back!

    Awesome placing minni!  

    SS - nice run in the heat, and sounds like running outdoors will only help for Dubai marathon

    Big thumbs up for a pain free run Kiwi

    nce - nice parkrun improvement

    Good 10k bro

    Good news on the calf chick, and nice progressive run!

    DD - nice half, was pretty sure you'd be a little quicker than 1.45

    Sweet 20 Barry and very speedy pace there


    Just a brisk naked 3 for me today, starting to break in a new pair of trainers.  Am gonna have to change the laces cos the ones that they came with are so short I can only just tie them and even then they are too tight.  image  Seriously, why put in so much R&D into running shoes to get such a simple thing wrong?  

    I think I'm going to enter Leicester marathon on Oct 13.  Anyone done it before?  It looks like its fast and flat.  Thinking of targeting 3.25, with 3.20 stretch target.  It must be long enough since VLM for me to be able to think about making myself do that again...

    Racing a mile tomorrow night in a relay race.  image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Worth a look for a 10min tea break:


  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    DD: excellent HM time! We all knew 1:45 was way too soft image

    spoons: that marathon sounds great. One day soon I'd like to do some offroad thing just for fun.

    BarryB: wow! that's one helluva long and fast run there. Seems like you and pinklady had a really great weekend running-wise image

    Minni: great placing image 

    nce: easy does it. Stick to lower HR running, build the miles and you will surprise yourself.

    I decided to lay off speedwork for a while. There's no point really if it sets off a calf niggle every time. One day this may turn into something serious that I'd rather avoid. Shame coz I had begun to enjoy regular speed sessions. Really, I ain't kidding! Guess my speedwork going forward will consist of tempo runs and intervals at HM pace.

    Speed sheep: in comparison to Dubai our temps are probably still laughable so massive respect for you enduring running in it. Is nobody allowed to drink during daytime and do you have to hide in the bushes for a secret sip of water?

  • Bro – nice 10k there, that’s great to knock that much off your time, must give you confidence?

    Chick – glad to hear the calf is ok. I absolutely swear by my compression socks, they really do the trick.

    Barry – cracking 20 miler, that’s a serious lick. Yep, (I’m touch wood) injury free at the moment, although still injury prone as I’ll report a bit later!

    Spoons – nice work. Sounds like you earned your beers, burger & fry up!

    DD – that’s a very decent marker, especially given your efforts on the previous two days.

    Minni – ha, a nice way to look at it!

    A bit of a mixed bag of a weekend to report for me. Friday, we had a work softball tournament. Without meaning to sound like a miserable git, I hate playing sport with people who don’t know how to, or like, playing sport. That was borne out when someone deflected a softball straight into my face – the seam gripped and I’m now sporting a 4cm gash underneath my eye with a partial shiner to boot too. Not a great start to proceedings…

    I wasn’t going to do the parkrun as barely slept on Friday as every time I turned around the swelling/bleeding kept waking me up. Thought what the hell though, so gave it a bash. Bad decision. Just had absolutely nothing in my legs at all – a mixture of upping mileage and no sleep – and despite going flat out, it was like I was running in treacle. Didn’t help that once the sweat started getting in the cut I could only see out of one eye too!  Normally I get competitive but was going to stop after one lap - I carried on,  but let four people go past on the second lap for a PW of 21.02.

    Now onto the brighter part. Undeterred I thought I’d get up nice and early on Sunday to get a longer one in before it got hot. Managed 12M at 8.35 avg across trails and hills with HR really low, so that’s a positive.  38 miles for the week, and 5 weeks until my first HM marker so I’ll take that.  

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Morning all

    Minni-podium and top 10 placeimage.

    Chick-great prog run

    DD- very respectable HM after all that cycling and running and no taper. Can only get faster even with hills

    SS-Ive got enough pets for now thanks. Great training in that heat

    Oomp-still not running? Whens the op?

    Barry-Im hoping the treatment works too. Storming 20 there . Enough time for another 4/5 before Berlin.Are you doing MLRs too?

    nce-you seem to have some great choices of run routes your way

    Spoons-people pay extra for that mud .Well done enjoying the stinging marathon experience

    KFC-funny how the mind wanders to marathons mid run-I was thinking about an Autumn one too-ridiculous idea in my case as I havent run more than 8 since Aprilimage

    Red-another war story-bats and balls are not a good idea for you.21.02 is respectable all the same and a good 12 tofollow

    I managed 10k on Sunday and thought about doubling it until the heavens opened which was probably a divine message to behave . Still 28 miles last week is a step forward. Another achilles zapping session tonight .I will probably do some spinning today.I cant swim until the deep gash to my  elbow from falling off my bike heels-maybe another week or so.-ant advice how to speed it up?

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    nce - great run don't worry about the mm - I have been there but concentrating on mileage rather than speed at that moment asI've only been running seriously for the past few months! As I have followed that advice I am now getting some speedier mm.

    The 20 miler is my OH & he is training for Berlin Marathon - doing really well considering he was injured a few months ago. 

    Minni  Sounds like great fun & congratulations

    Chickadee Myself & Barry did two great runs & I'm really happy that he is running really well fingers crossed it will stay that way for Berlin!

    Went out on a 5 miler this morning & ran a PB. Really pleased although having trouble uploading my Garmin which has been frustrating to say the least. image 

    Off to the Midlands to visit my folks in Warwickshire for a couple of days - I haven't been to visit for yonks image

  • Spoons- sounds like a great mara, well done.image

    DD- great half!

    Minni- fell racing with a hangover is very impressive. Great placing.

    Pinklady- yay on the pb!

    Barry- speedy 20 miler!

    Red- that 10k was still way off my pb so a lot of work to be done! Hope the eye is better today.

    Chick- you know best what works for you and if you get injured with speedwork you're right to ditch it!

    Yesterday's bbq got a bit out of hand and my head is hurting today. 8m steady to do on the way home.image

  • Sorry for the disappearance of the original thread over the last week or so, it's now back.


  • Just popping in to say a big hi to all those who remember me.... I must confess to still lurking but time remains of a premium image 

    Good to read a mix of races, ykws & good training - keep up the good work! 

    Oompa - hope you're sorted out asap and all the best for a speedy recovery in advance.


  • Impressive day at the races Spoons, very impressed you were feeling strong at the end of a mara in those conditions, that must be a confidence boost.

    Minni did you manage to negotiate a Vo2 test in the end? I got mine done as a freebie a couple of years ago and it was really interesting. (Although to answer FRC's question it doesn't prove anything, it's just just cool to know.)

    Oompa your knee sounds nasty, is this the same problem you've had since VLM? It sounds frustrating but a course of action is - I think - better than "wait and see". A friend had quite major knee surgery last summer after a cricket injury, and the healing has been slow but solid, which I think is preferably to never quite fixing stuff.

    Redwood I've started playing softball too! It's part of my guest for balance and I'm really enjoying it, but I totally hear you on the downside of playing with people who don't like sport. I have to actively resist rolling my eyes at some people.

    Hello Cooks, are you getting much running done at the moment?

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Very odd how the old thread has reappeared top of the pile.Anyway Im staying here

    Cooks-nice to see you again after all this time

    Weeble-how is your running going-you had a nasty injury a while ago?

    Bro-the 8 miles will clear your head

    40k spinning followed by 5k TM.Created a lake of sweat in the gym which took some wiping away. I noticed that my achilles was very tight at the start of the run and thought about quiting but after increasing the TM gradient to 2% it eased-I would guess that stretched my calf taking the pressure off below.

  • 2Old I'm back to consistent if low mileage training, thanks for asking. Feeling pretty out of shape still, but I blame the hard partying for that. I'm due a bimple around a half in September, but it will be very much a "nice day out" rather than a race effort. I may even bring cake to have at the end.

  • Hi Weeble - certainly am but not as much as I would like, pretty much decided to pull out of Berlin as nowhere near where I want to be in training - flip to building strength for Spring mara me thinks.  Had good first half of year tho with pbs over 5k, 10k & mara tho image  How's you? Softball sounds dangerous to me - am sure I dislocated a finger at school or something..... 


    Barry - Stonking 20 at that pace. I seem to remember that you and 2old run your lsr's quiite quick, but what time are you going for? After the op, he said that i'd be unable to drive for approx. 2 weeks, but didn't elaborate and i didn't question it as i'm so sick of not being able to run consistently that i'd accept anything at the moment.

    Cooks - Good to hear from you and thanks for the best wishes. It could still be a while before the op's though as this is the NHS we're dealing with! How's the new sproglet?

    Redders - Are you sure that they weren't actually really good at Softball and actually aimed for you??? image

    Weeble - To be honest, i've had knee issues since i was 15, when i managed to wrap my right knee cap 180 degrees around my leg and then spent the next 6 months in a leg brace which completely withered my vmo muscle, despite intensive physio. Therefore, (and this hurts to admit) even if i miss VLM, i am going to have to get both knees sorted out as i've just put up with the injuries and pain for too long now and will just have to accept some "down time".image

    Minni - 7 entries with only 1 lady???... Are you sure that in your drunken/hungover stupor you weren't able to find the actual race start and subsequently rounded up 7 locals from the nearest pub to run with?!image

    Honestly, the lengths some people will go to in order to get first place!image 

  • Spoons - Congrats on the Dipper, although the conditions didn't sound too great! Did you have a chat with Mr Audenshaw?

    2old - Your guess is as good as mine? I'm waiting for the date, but they have to do another x-ray on the other knee first, followed by another M.R.I, followed by another consulatation about the results, followed by ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Oompa - yes I think most the field was hungover. Running and drinking goes together here. image

    Cooks - great to hear from you. 

    weeble - I'm glad you've got some partying under your belt. You had a rough time last year but sound like things are definitely on the up. 

    Bro - do you never learn???!!!

    So last week is what really I'd call my first proper week of training since the marathon. A speed session, long run, race and some shorter runs brought me to just over 58 for the week.  I've got a few more fell races planned over the coming weeks, 3 half marathons in the autumn and I might fit in a low key marathon before Christmas.  Feeling motivated. image

    Yes I see the old thread is now back. Tut.  I suggest a vote. I quite like it here. 

    old thread



    new thread



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Redders - meant to say: ouch and I wouldn't be disappointed with that 5k time!

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