half marathon hydration

Hi, i'm running my first half marathon in sept 2013.  I am trying to get right my hydration and diet.  

Someone has recommended that i start hydrating a week before the race with Nuuns.  but im not sure how of these sachets do you use a day?  can someone advise me please. 


I have tried a couple of drink products such as zero caffiene which upset my stomach and the luzozade sport i have found quite heavy.





  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I find that very unlikely. Most runners tend as habit to keep themselves well hydrated anyway. However your body can only store so much, the rest is wee'd out. If the race is a 9am start then i view the day before as a crucial time. I usually take a zero high before and after a race.

    Someone has suggested to me to take on board something salty as well the night before as that encourages water retention.

    Here is an article that might help.



  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    DT19s advice sounds very sensible.

    I'm very interested to know who suggested to you that filling up on nuun a for a week is suitable for a half.
  • Blimey that would cost a fortune.

    I don't have a special hydration routine for a half.

    When I'm doing the London Marathon - I do try and make sure I'm drinking on the Friday as Saturday is spent travelling and checking in. So I'd take a bottle of water in with Nun tabs both days.

    A week would be far too long.

    So make sure you arent silly on Friday and forget to drink and have something on the morning too.

    Unless its going to be a scorching hot run - I'd just go with water on the run itself. No need for energy drinks on a half.
  • Might be that they have said take it before so you know your tummy won't rebel on race day but you don't need anything like that in the week before. For a half you shouldn't need anything but water as above. But wouldn't hurt if you are worried and don't mind spending the cash. If you have in every day before the race you might throw up. imageimage

  • As already said, it's totally unnecessary to start hydrating anything more than 24 hours in advance, and even then you wouldn't need a specific strategy unless you're a chronic under-drinker.

    Anything consumed in excess will be peed out, and you don't really want to promote water retention as it can make you feel heavy and sluggish. Normal drinking - 2-3 litres per day (depending on body size and environmental temperature) is perfectly adequate.

    The only benefit of using Nuun prior to race day is just to ensure that you don't 'react' to it, in that it's a good idea to train with whatever you plan to do in the race.

  • 2 or 3 sips of water/energy drinks during the race is all that is needed. You will never get dehydrated in 13 miles unless it's like 35 degrees.

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