Hello, I'm new here


My name is Tomasz and I am new to this sport. I want to do Triathlon next year and just starting preparing myself, but not sure really where to start.

I leave in Basingstoke in Hampshire so if there is anyone who would like to join training, or at least poart of it, please feel free to let me know.

If there is someone who wants to do race next year let me know and maybe we can exchange some progress info and maybe to a race together one day?





  • Ay up mate afraid I'm a bit north of you so can't help with the training partner bit. Are you aiming for a perticular race or just want to do tri's? There are a few well estabished threads about on the tri part of the site I would take a few minutes and just read through them for info and see if there is a thread that fits in with what you want to do.

    If you can't find anyone near you for a training buddy I would goggle who your local tri club is and see if they do any training sessions you might be interested in. Welcome to the mad house. image

  • Hi Cake,

    I haven't got any particular races in mind but I will definitely start with some local sprint and not sure how well I can prepare myself, but would like to do some longer races next year. Any particular races are you going to do?

    If you are to far to train together maybe you could help with some sort of training plan???image

    I will give it a go and will read more about Tri's on this site. Defo.



  • Afraid I'm up north in yorkshire so not even sure where Hampshire is mate so can't help you with local races. image

    I would take a look at this linky as a starting point just to get a feel for stuff. For training whats your starting point have you done any running or cycleing already?

    if any good this thread has a few folks who are starting out at the moment.


  • hi,

      im new here too with the idea of training for a triathlon next year. as im a total beginner ive started on the running section as its something that I can start now and there's loads of advice on here about plans. spoken to the local tri club and as my swimming, is well, pants im booked in for some group beginners sessions at the pool before joining. as far as the bike, my mountain bike is road worthy and from what ive read on here and on other blogs it'll do until ive decided if tri is for me. completing in one piece and having fun will do for now.


  • Hello newbies

    I did the Concorde Sprint tri held by Thames Valley Triathletes just outside Reading in August, it was very beginner friendly, also the East Grinstead Tri around May time is also good one to start with. Both are pool based so no worries over open water or wetsuits, you can use whatever bike you have.

    As Cake says come and say hello over on the thread http://www.runnersworld.co.uk/forum/triathlon/training-for-a-shorter-tri/169733.html


  • I can recommend the parkrun in War Memorial Park on saturday mornings! Though I don;t live in basingstoke my missus hails from there and whenever we are visiting the folks I can be found there on a saturday morning.

    Welcome to the forum, and good luck!

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