how do i have to keep training before i start a complete marathon program?
i have allready run my marathon this year.


  • Hello Mario, well done on completing your marathon this year. When did you run it? and what was your time?

    After a marathon is it best to have some rest and then begin some easy running for a couple of weeks to make sure you have completely recovered before starting a new training program for your next marathon.

    Which marathon are you hoping to run in the future?

  • i run in the 3th of time was 3:45.i already start some training-not so hard as before-3 times per week and i feel great.for the next year i run one marathon about May and two others from september to November.what do you think about my next program?
  • Mario, you have plenty of time to train for your next marathon in May. It has been 3 weeks since your marathon so if you are feeling fine think about slowly increasing your training before starting a training schedule early next year. Do you have a schedule in mind? You could start by looking at the schedules on this website under training.

    With regard to running two marathons in September and November, there is not much time for resting between and prehaps someone with more experience than me could advise you about training for those.

    Do you run half marathons and 10ks in your build up to marathons?
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