Has anyone used Runnerinn.com ?

Hey guys

I'm looking to get some VFFs and http://www.runnerinn.com/ has some good prices.

I've been warned to be wary of where you purchase these (especially when a good price is being offered) and I cannot workout if this site is legit or not?


I've used Alexa and All Who Is, to try and verify the site, and still can't make my mind up!




The site has a lot of connected sites so i'm hoping someone on here may have heard or hopefully successfully used the site, had a google search and couldnt find any reviews or feedback




  • I have no idea what VFFs are, but I bought my Garmin 910 from them this year. They are based in Spain and asked for a photocopy of my passport to be emailed to them, which I thought was strange but apparently this is fairly normal inside the EU.

    My Garmin arrived within 3 days as promised and is fine. I would certainly use them again.

  • (Vibram FiveFingers, sorry)

    Thanks for the advice image

  • I have just had a rather nasty experience with them. Ordered a headlamp they have admitted was lost (after 2 weeks of chasing them for updates about the delivery) somewhere between Germany and the UK. They were unwilling to help and unwilling to give me a refund.

    The battle is still ongoing with them.

    Do not touch them with a barge pole - would be my advice.

  • I know it's been a few weeks since the last post, but thought my experience was worth mentioning.

    Ordered two pairs of of Vibrams as I was not sure of the sizing. Having placed my order I noticed that one of the items was out of stock, this wasn't indicated against the product when I selected it. I emailed them not to hold the order and send what they had and cancel the out of stock item. Almost by return I received an email saying that they had canceled the out of stock item as a matter of policy and that my Pay Pal account would be credited. It was the following day.

    Delivery updates via GLS suggested that the parcel was doing a tour of europe. I think that's more to do with GLS as their hub is in Germany. Anyway a week later the Vibrams turned up, well packaged and they are very comfortable.

    So my experience was as good as any company I have purchased from in the UK. I would certainly consider them again.

  • just used them for the first time for a new pair of runners. was promised the product by the 15 march and now i receive a random email saying they are not even going to receive them (themselves) till at least the 30 march. this is not what they advertised, this is not what i agreed. shocking way to do business.


    tried to contact them, couldnt get through. first and last time dealing with this company! STAY CLEAR

  • I've used them with no problems. Good price. Item turned up on time and as promised. It did go around Eurpope first, but got me me just fine.

  • DO NOT USE I paid for an expedited delivery, checked on their website to see where my order was only to find that there was no order showing. Emailed them via their website no response. Emailed them via the contact email, again no response. I spent 45 minutes yesterday and 1 hour today on the phone to them on an automated line, They answered after about an hour then disconnected. They do not respond to emails and there is no way to contact them. They send an email to you when you complain like i'm doing but the email is [email protected] and so it just bounces back to you I paid via pay pal so have an order number and now am in dispute resolution. The 5 star reviews are hoaxes just checking on them and you will find that they have also reviewed (5 stars) several of the other websites owned by 'TRADEINN', Just like Runnerinn these are also fakes designed to get you to part with your money.   I CAN NOT SAY THIS CLEARLY ENOUGH DO NOT USE. THEY WILL STEAL YOUR MONEY.
  • Don't use. I've had a bad experience now twice and will never use them again. They tell you the item you've ordered will be with you in 3-5 days and then the emails start - telling you there has been a delay and that it will be another week before the goods are there. These were trainers but I had the same thing with goods from another of their sites. There are lots of them - DiveInn, TrekkInn, SwimInn. Today, one month after placing the order for the trainers (they took my money on 9 October) I've cancelled and ordered elsewhere. BEWARE AND DON"T USE ANY OF THESE COMPANIES.

  • VDOT52VDOT52 ✭✭✭
    Do they have a site called TakenInn too?
  • At checkout you're given a choice of courier - I chose Parcelforce, it cost about £5 and estimates 2-3 working days.

    They actually sent them via GLS, a Dutch postal service, not a courier. GLS wasn't even an option at checkout. It says I should be able to track them in 5-7 days time! It's been 3 days now and the tracking still doesn't work so I've idea where they are. According to other sites I should expect to be waiting up to 3 weeks. Quite annoying when I thought I had paid for a courier.


  • Sorry, but I just wouldn't use them. They can't be trusted to get an order to you but take your money at the point of sale. I've had a problem with goggles and trainers and now won't every use them again.


  • hey have a number of warehouses and if what you order isn't in the main one, then they will have to ship it from one warehouse to the other, then ship it to you. Sort of throws the notion of expedited shipping out the window. Website doesn't make you aware of this stuff though. I only found out after being a bit nosy one day on the phone with them.


    Personally I've had good experiences with them, but they're so massive and customer service on mainland EU in general is washy. I always thought Brits had the most airheads in customer services but the more I deal with mainland Europeans I'm starting to change my opinion there image 


    Caveatemptor and all that. Most orders with the INN umbrella sites will be fine but they can screw up a fair bit too.


    My last two orders from Nike have been a total disaster for comparison. Weeks of hassle. Unbelievable nonsense. Usually they've been great in the past, but the busier they get the worse things become.

  • I can't seem to edit my complaint post from a couple of days ago, but I'm actually quite pleased with the service now.

    The reason the tracking number didn't work was they emailed an incorrect link, I asked them about it and they gave me the correct one, and it works fine.

    But even better, they actually ARE being sent by Parcelforce after all, Express 24hr service. It's just they used GLS to get the shoes to the UK, and then Parcelforce take over from there. I have a working Parcelforce tracking number, and they're already at my local depot and due for delivery tomorrow. So all things considered, I would use them again.

    Edit: Turned up today! So about 4 working days total, not bad.

  • My wife ordered a Garmin Vivoactive as a Christmas present for me and paid extra for delivery prior to Christmas. Well, its January 2nd and nothing is here. They don't answer their telephone, and we seem to have been suspended from their (very poor) website. We have not even received an email. Their website states 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed; this is simply not true. I just wish we had seen some of the comments on this company before we ordered.

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    Interesting that this threads' last 2 posters have both only got a total of 2 posts on the forum and are a bit ying and yang about the service.

    If something is overly cheap then I usually avoid.
  • VDOT52 Are you accusing me of setting up an account just to praise that shop? Did you even read my previous post? Good advice btw, avoid saving money, I'll try to do that, cheers.

  • A complete rip off, stolen my money

    Ordered my wife a Garmin watch for Christmas, ordered 1/12/2015, two months later no watch or refund. It is impossible to talk to customer services as they don't exist. Try and call before you place an order!

    They respond to emails with one liners or an automated response.

    I am now out of pocket by ??130, while still emailing the company don't think I will see a refund or the order
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    Andi2, I was merely stating a fact. Read it again if you don't grasp what I wrote.

    Your positive comment is against the flow and I guess that you are implying that as long as you are happy then every other ripped off customer should be too. Gotcha.
  • I am in the process of ordering my second pair of running trainers from this site. My sauconys were delivered on time and no complaints from me. I was also concern because of how cheap they were but they have been great.

  • Another new poster ^^

    1 post and a very vague, positive review against the flow of complaints.

  • Going against the "flow", I used Snowinn for some cross country boots and poles in the spring (having found the skis on gumtree!). Delivery was trackable and the items arrived without any problems. No complaints from me. image

  • €€€€€: Runnerinn makes customers pay for returns. They are based in Spain so it can be expensive if you are in Germany. Example: I had to pay 17€ postage fee for the return of some goods. Paying 25% of the value of the goods to make a return is a bit stiff for me.
  • I NEVER received my package and the shipment log SHOWS that it never reached me. I have attempted to contact Runnerin numerous times with no reply. The company is very hard to reach and customer service is poor. I DO NOT RECOMMEND buying from them and will never use them again.
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    I personally always like to buy from the retailer directly, purely so I know that whatever I'm buying isn't a knock off. So if I want Adidas clothes I'll go straight to their site. The only difference is when it comes to things like running watches, where I bought mine from a reputable chain. Just make sure wherever you're buying from is reputable, if not don't risk it.
  • Run away from Runnin! They're part of the Tradeinn group. I had a terrible experience. 30% of reviews on TrustPilot are 1 star only, lots of issues around wrong products being shipped, expensive returns, and refunds not being paid.
  • Ordered Kayanos, they delivered the wrong size, wouldn't believe me without photo proof & other nonsense, took forever to get a refund.  Never dealing with them again.
  • I haven’t ever used them myself but a few of my friends have and they either didn’t get the goods they paid for, waited forever to receive them or were completely damaged or wrong item sent altogether. So I’d avoid them personally .......
  • I've just bought a pair of Kayano 25 from them and they were delivered in a timely fashion and were circa £30 cheaper than anywhere in the UK. I hadn't seen this discussion until today so may not have used them if I had, however no problems with my order.
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